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The Meaning Behind The Song: Waiting Here by Jake Isaac

The Meaning Behind The Song: Waiting Here by Jake Isaac


“Waiting Here” is a heartfelt song by Jake Isaac that resonates with many emotions and captures the essence of love, patience, and devotion. Released as part of his album “Our Lives” in 2017, this song has a deep meaning that goes beyond its captivating melody. Personally, this song has touched my heart and evoked a range of emotions, making it impossible not to connect with the profound message it conveys.

Verse 1 and Verse 2:

The song begins by portraying a poignant scene where someone returns home, perhaps after a difficult time. The lyrics describe this person’s vulnerability with tear stains on her face and cold hands. However, the protagonist of the song embraces her, providing warmth and comfort. The second verse paints a picture of a snowy landscape and emphasizes the person’s feeling of safety and contentment. Despite the cold surroundings, she feels protected and secure.


With a powerful chorus, Jake Isaac captures the essence of the song’s meaning. The lyrics state, “These arms were meant for you, And this shoulder’s meant to carry you, When you call my name, come running, ’til then I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting here.” This chorus beautifully conveys the idea of unconditional love and support, emphasizing the willingness to be patient and await the return of loved ones.

Verse 3:

In the third verse, the song takes a personal turn as the protagonist reflects on a moment shared with the person they love. The protagonist reveals a fear of losing the connection they have, but when their eyes meet, the fear dissipates. Through a whisper, the person affirms their desire for eternal love and companionship.


The bridge of “Waiting Here” delves into the journey taken by the protagonist. It mentions treacherous steps in a storm, signifying the challenges faced along the way. Despite the difficulties, the person chooses to return to where it all began, possibly symbolizing the importance of roots and starting anew.


Jake Isaac’s “Waiting Here” is a song that speaks to the depths of our emotions and touches our souls. Through its poetic lyrics and enchanting melody, it conveys a message of unwavering love, patience, and devotion. This song reminds us of the significance of waiting, not merely as an act of endurance but as a testament to our commitment to those we hold dear. Personally, “Waiting Here” has given me solace during times of uncertainty and has reminded me of the power of love and the importance of waiting for the ones we cherish.

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