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The Meaning Behind The Song: W.W.J.D. by Ntegrity

The Meaning Behind The Song: W.W.J.D. by Ntegrity

As a Music Technician, I have the opportunity to delve deep into the meaning and emotions behind various songs. Today, I want to talk about a powerful and thought-provoking song called “W.W.J.D.” by Ntegrity.

I first heard this song on a quiet evening while searching for new music. It caught my attention immediately with its introspective lyrics and heartfelt delivery. I was captivated when I heard this song for the first time, and it has since become one of my favorites.

“W.W.J.D.” stands for “What Would Jesus Do,” and throughout the song, Ntegrity explores his personal journey of faith and self-discovery. The lyrics speak about the struggles he faced, growing up without his father’s presence and the impact it had on his life. He shares the scars he carries and acknowledges that there are still parts of him that feel broken. However, he also embraces his love for music, comparing his connection to the microphone to the bond of family.

Ntegrity’s roots are deeply embedded in St. Louis, Missouri, as he proudly represents his hometown throughout the song. He pays tribute to his grandmother, describing her as the epitome of grace and love. It’s clear that his upbringing and the strong influence of his family have shaped his values and beliefs.

One of the standout messages in “W.W.J.D.” is the importance of passing down wisdom and empowerment to the next generation. Ntegrity emphasizes the significance of economic empowerment and encourages his sons to establish their own kingdoms. He also stresses the true meaning of freedom and highlights the need for more of God’s presence in our lives.

The song acknowledges that being messengers of God may attract judgment and attention from others. Ntegrity encourages listeners to embrace their role as messengers and to remember the question, “What would Jesus do?” He advocates for using personal experiences to spread hope and extend love to those we encounter.

The song’s verses depict Ntegrity’s struggles with fear and temptation as he navigates the complexities of life. He discusses the challenges of staying on the straight and narrow path, especially when faced with the allure of social media and its potential dangers. His insightful perspective reflects a desire to break free from negative patterns and encourages listeners to learn from history’s mistakes.

As the song nears its end, Ntegrity envisions a future filled with peace and prosperity. He describes savoring precious moments with loved ones, symbolized by sipping colada Piña under a canopy of trees. Ntegrity’s aspiration for financial freedom aligns with his commitment to passing down valuable knowledge and lessons to future generations.

Overall, “W.W.J.D.” by Ntegrity is a heartfelt song that encourages introspection and a deeper understanding of personal purpose. It embraces the struggles and triumphs experienced on life’s journey while reminding listeners to carry messages of hope and love. Ntegrity’s powerful storytelling and thought-provoking lyrics make this song both relatable and inspiring.

So, the next time you find yourself questioning your path or searching for guidance, remember the message of Ntegrity’s “W.W.J.D.” and ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

Album Cover


Written By: Wyshmaster Beats & Reginald McNichols

Recorded At: Ntegrity Music Records Studios

Release Date: November 24, 2019

As I reflect on “W.W.J.D.” and its meaningful lyrics, I am reminded of my own personal journey and the power of music to inspire and uplift. Let us embrace the stories and experiences we have and use them to spread hope, love, and empowerment to those around us. Carry your message!

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