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The Meaning Behind The Song: Vote by Miguel

The Meaning Behind The Song: Vote by Miguel

I first heard the song “Vote” by Miguel on the soundtrack for the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the moment the melodic notes filled the room, I was captivated. As an avid music enthusiast, I always find myself drawn to songs that not only have catchy beats but also carry a deeper meaning.

“Vote” embodies the idea of embracing the present moment and making the most out of life. The lyrics speak of choosing to live life to the fullest, like you just got paid and spending it all on something you love. It’s about celebrating and embracing change, even if it feels unfamiliar or strange. The song encourages us to make choices that make us proud, that set us free, and that create beautiful memories.

The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Vote for a good time.” This line serves as a metaphor urging listeners to actively choose happiness and positivity in their lives. It reminds us that we have the power to create our own good times and that it’s worth investing in moments that bring us joy.

One of my favorite verses in the song reflects on the contrast between beauty and ugliness in life. Miguel sings, “So much beauty into nothing, sometimes life is ugly. We are all searching for something.” These lyrics emphasize the complexity of our human experience and the constant pursuit of fulfillment. It reminds us that amidst life’s challenges, it’s important to keep searching, keep striving, and keep voting for the good times.

As I delve into the credits of the song, I discover that “Vote” was produced by Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson, both renowned names in the music industry. The song was written by Mad Max, Mark Ronson, Miguel, Detail, and JMIKE. It was released on August 15, 2018, as part of the Crazy Rich Asians (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album.

Overall, “Vote” by Miguel is a song that not only delivers a great sound but also carries a meaningful message. It serves as a reminder to embrace the present, celebrate change, and choose happiness. So, let’s all take this song as an inspiration to vote for a good time in our lives.

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