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The Meaning Behind The Song: Video Games & Music by NerdOut

The Meaning Behind The Song: Video Games & Music by NerdOut

As a music teacher and a lover of video games, my interests were immediately piqued when I first stumbled upon the song “Video Games & Music” by NerdOut. Combining two of my passions into one catchy track, this song quickly became a favorite of mine. Allow me to share with you the meaning behind this unique piece of music.

When I first heard this song, I was captivated by the clever lyrics and the way they seamlessly blended video game and music trivia. It was like taking a crash course in both subjects. The song opens with a challenge to those in the nerdcore community, calling for the best facts to be shared. And boy, does NerdOut deliver.

In the first verse, Lil’ Nem starts off by dropping some jaw-dropping facts about the music industry. From Nas dropping out of school in the seventh grade to R. Kelly writing the remix to Ignition before the original, these tidbits kept me engaged and wanting to hear more. Lil’ Nem effortlessly spits out facts about iconic artists like Prince, Metallica, and Busta Rhymes, while also dropping a surprising revelation about Pharrell’s past employment at McDonald’s.

But that’s not all, as the song transitions into the hook, Lil’ Nem doesn’t stop there. He seamlessly moves on to the subject of video games. Did you know that Super Mario’s full name is Mario Mario? Or that Nintendo, now a giant in the gaming industry, started out as a playing card company? These fun facts made me appreciate the song’s ability to seamlessly weave together both music and gaming trivia.

In the final verse, Lil’ Nem takes it up a notch and delves into the connection between music and video games. Did you know that Aerosmith earned more money from Guitar Hero than any one of their albums? Or that Michael Jackson composed music for Sonic 3, only to have it erased due to allegations at the time? These intriguing facts highlight the intersection of these two art forms and invite us to explore them further.

As I continued to listen to “Video Games & Music,” I couldn’t help but appreciate the creativity and wit displayed throughout the song. It’s not just a catchy tune, but a tribute to the fascinating world of music and video games. It reminds us that behind every game and every piece of music, there are stories, facts, and connections waiting to be discovered.

In conclusion, NerdOut’s “Video Games & Music” is a delightful blend of catchy beats and fascinating trivia that seamlessly combines two of my favorite passions – music and video games. Its clever lyrics and well-researched facts make it a standout track for anyone interested in the crossover between these two art forms. So, turn up the volume, listen closely, and dive into the captivating world of “Video Games & Music” by NerdOut.

Album title: Unknown

This song was NerdOut’s entry in the Fact Rap Challenge set by JT Machinima/JT Music. Nem, one of the members of NerdOut, chose to focus his facts on his two main areas of expertise, video games and music. Released on April 7, 2018, “Video Games & Music” continues to entertain and educate listeners with its unique blend of knowledge and catchy beats.

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