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The Meaning Behind The Song: UwU Song by Jaboody Dubs

The Meaning Behind The Song: UwU Song by Jaboody Dubs


As a fan of Twitch streams, I often come across various memes and inside jokes that are shared within the gaming community. One such song that has gained popularity is the “UwU Song” by Jaboody Dubs. This catchy tune quickly became a sensation on the streaming platform, and as someone who enjoys the humor and absurdity of online culture, I found myself drawn to the infectious charm of this song.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of the UwU Song are as follows:

[Intro] Ooh, UwU, ooh, ooh, UwU
Ooh, UwU-ooh, ooh

[Verse 1] UwU
I’m in your Twitch chat typing UwU
UwU UwU-ooh

[Verse 2] Aiya
A-aiya UwU UwU aiya
Aiya UwU-ooh
Ooh UwU ooh

[Verse 3] I type aiya
Because I like furry porn
And other weeb-y stuff like hentai

[Verse 4] UwU-ooh
Come on everyone
Type UwU
UwU UwU UwU UwU, UwU-ooh

(The rest of the lyrics can be found on the original source)

Song Analysis

The UwU Song, despite its lighthearted and playful tone, carries deeper meaning within its humorous lyrics. It embraces and satirizes internet culture, particularly the widespread use of quirky emoticons and memes. The repetition of the word “UwU,” accompanied by the sound effects, serves as an embodiment of the online persona: enthusiastic, eccentric, and unafraid to express oneself.

Furthermore, the song delves into the world of fandoms, specifically those associated with the furry community and anime enthusiasts. While the inclusion of phrases like “furry porn” and “weeb-y stuff like hentai” may raise some eyebrows, it’s crucial to understand that they’re used in a tongue-in-cheek manner, parodying the often exaggerated perceptions of these subcultures.

The JaboodyShow Connection

The UwU Song gained further relevance due to its association with popular Twitch streamer MiltonTPike1. Milton’s promotion of the song sparked its use within his Twitch chat, leading to the JaboodyShow being affectionately called the “UwU guys” by Milton’s community. This connection highlights the strong bond formed through shared jokes and memes within streaming communities.

Personal Experiences

As someone who enjoys watching and participating in Twitch streams, I couldn’t help but find myself singing along to the UwU Song. It became a catchy tune that carried a sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the lightheartedness and humor often found within online communities. While the song may not be for everyone, it serves as a testament to the unique and ever-evolving culture that surrounds gaming and streaming.


The UwU Song by Jaboody Dubs encapsulates the spirit of online culture and meme-driven humor. Its playful lyrics and catchy melody have made it a favorite among Twitch streamers and their communities. While it may seem silly and absurd on the surface, this song serves as a celebration and parody of fandoms, emoticons, and the shared experiences of gamers and streamers alike.

Album Information

Album title: [Album Title]


Release Date: October 7, 2019

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