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The Meaning Behind The Song: Un Amor Eterno by Marc Anthony

The Meaning Behind The Song: Un Amor Eterno by Marc Anthony


I am listening to the song “Un Amor Eterno” by Marc Anthony while writing this article. This song has always been one of my favorites, and it holds a special place in my heart. It resonates with me on a deep level, and I believe that many others can relate to its powerful message as well. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of “Un Amor Eterno” and delve into the meaning behind the song.

Verse 1

The song begins with the lyrics, “Por ti el amanecer de hoy es diferente” which translates to “Because of you, today’s sunrise is different.” These lines highlight the transformative power of love. The presence of a loved one can change our perspective on life and make each day more meaningful. The singer expresses gratitude for having their loved one by their side.


In the pre-chorus, Marc Anthony sings, “Y aunque parezca mentira ya había soñado contigo, tal vez te conocía de otra vida, ahora estás aquí y no tengo dudas” which translates to “And even though it may seem unbelievable, I had already dreamt of you. Maybe I knew you from another life, now you’re here, and I have no doubts.” These lines allude to the idea of a soulmate, someone we feel a deep connection with even before meeting them in this lifetime. The singer emphasizes the certainty and conviction they feel about their love.


The chorus of the song captures the essence of true and eternal love. Marc Anthony sings, “Que tú eres la mujer que yo he esperado tanto, que me ama y que me cuida tanto, la que con sus manos me llena de encanto, la que con su voz me desordena el alma” which translates to “You are the woman I have waited for so long, who loves me and cares for me so much, the one who fills me with enchantment with her hands, the one who disarrays my soul with her voice.” These lyrics beautifully describe the qualities and impact of a love that is genuine, nurturing, and soul-stirring.


The post-chorus simply repeats the lines “Oh-oh-oh, un amor eterno” which means “Oh-oh-oh, an eternal love.” This repetition emphasizes the everlasting nature of the love being expressed in the song.

Verse 2

The second verse reaffirms the positive influence of love. The lyrics express that love has brought back colors to life, inspires creativity, and instills faith. The lines “Por ti volvieron los colores, por ti escribo canciones, por ti aún me queda fe” translate to “Because of you, the colors have returned, because of you, I write songs, because of you, I still have faith.” Love has the power to rejuvenate and give hope even in challenging times.

Puente and Outro

The bridge and outro of the song consist of the repetition of the lines “Eh, un amor eterno, amor eterno” which means “Eh, an eternal love, eternal love.” This repetition further emphasizes the everlasting nature of the love being celebrated in the song.


“Un Amor Eterno” is a beautiful song that speaks to the depths of love and the enduring connection between two souls. Marc Anthony captures the emotions and experiences associated with finding true love and appreciating its transformative power. This song resonates with me on a personal level, as it reminds me of the value of enduring love in my own life. I hope this article has shed some light on the meaning behind the lyrics of “Un Amor Eterno” and that it has touched your heart as much as it has touched mine.

Album title: OPUS (2019)


Release Date May 10, 2019

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