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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ulili E by Makua Rothman

The Meaning Behind The Song: Ulili E by Makua Rothman

As I sit here listening to the soothing melody of “Ulili E” by Makua Rothman, memories of tranquil beaches and warm breezes wash over me. This beautiful Hawaiian song carries with it a deep meaning that resonates with many who have experienced the wonders of the ocean.

A Song of Nature’s Beauty

The lyrics of “Ulili E” paint a vivid picture of the beauty of the Hawaiian coastline. The song begins with the image of a voice calling out, symbolized by the ulili bird, from a place near the sea. This bird, known for its distinctive cry, represents the connection between nature and the human spirit.

“Hone ana ko leo e ‘ulili ē
O kahi manu noho ‘ae kai
Kia’i ma ka lae a’o kekaha
‘O ia kai ua lana mālie”

Translated, these lines describe the ulili bird’s soothing call near the shore and the calmness of the sea. The repeated phrase “O ia kai ua lana mālie” emphasizes the serenity and tranquility of the water, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the peacefulness that nature offers.

Exploring the Wonders of Kahiki

The song continues with a mention of the kōlea bird, known for its long-distance migration. The artist wonders about the beauty of Kahiki, a mythical land often associated with a distant paradise. The line “Pehea’ō Kahiki? Maika’i nō” questions what Kahiki is like, suggesting that it must be as remarkable as the breathtaking scenery already described.

“Hone ana ko leo kōlea ē
Pehea ‘o Kahiki? Maika’i nō
‘O ia ‘āina ‘uluwehiwehi
I hui pū ‘ia me ke onaona”

These lines express the artist’s curiosity about this enchanting land and its lush and fragrant features, hinting at the possibility of a magical place where the beauty of nature is enhanced by an intoxicating aroma.

Capturing the Essence of Hawaiian Landscapes

Overall, “Ulili E” captures the essence of the Hawaiian landscapes and the profound connection between man and nature. The song encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty and serenity that the world offers, inviting them to become one with the natural surroundings.

The catchy and rhythmic repetition of the phrase “Ulili ē, Ulili ho’i, Ulili holoholo kahakai ē” further emphasizes the importance of embracing the peaceful and gentle rhythm of life symbolized by the ulili bird.

As a fan of Makua Rothman’s music, I find “Ulili E” to be a perfect accompaniment to moments of relaxation and tranquility. Whether I am working, playing a game, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this song transports me to the enchanting shores of Hawaii, connecting me with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Released as part of the “Sound Wave” album on January 1, 2013, “Ulili E” continues to be a beloved song that resonates with those longing to escape the fast-paced world and find solace in the harmonious rhythms of the ocean and nature.

Sit back, close your eyes, and let the soothing sounds of “Ulili E” transport you to the tranquil shores of Hawaii, reminding you of the beauty that lies within the world around us.

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