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The Meaning Behind The Song: U Just R by Machinedrum

**The Meaning Behind The Song: U Just R by Machinedrum**

The Meaning Behind The Song: U Just R by Machinedrum

As a music teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for new songs that resonate with my students. One day, while browsing through a friend’s playlist, I stumbled upon a captivating track called “U Just R” by Machinedrum. From the moment I heard the opening chords, I was intrigued by the raw emotions conveyed through this piece.

The song’s repetitive and simple lyrics, “I had to become, You just are,” immediately caught my attention. At first glance, it may seem like a straightforward expression of personal growth and self-acceptance. However, upon further reflection, the depth of these lines became increasingly apparent.

In the first verse, the narrator describes their journey of giving their all, only to be met with indifference. They have invested their time and energy, hoping for a meaningful connection, but it seems that their efforts have been in vain. Yet, despite the disappointment, they urge themselves not to falter or go soft. This highlights the resilience and determination necessary to navigate through life’s challenges.

Throughout the chorus, the repetition of “You just are” conveys a sense of acceptance and acknowledgement of the other person’s true nature. It is an acknowledgment that they cannot change someone else or force them to reciprocate their emotions. Instead, they recognize that they had to go through their own transformation and growth to find peace within themselves.

The song’s second verse further emphasizes the internal struggle faced by the narrator. They find themselves in adverse circumstances, trying to break down the barriers someone else has placed before them. The repeated affirmation to be patient raises questions about the narrator’s own journey and self-discovery. It prompts us to reflect on our own experiences and the lengths we may go to for love or acceptance.

Machinedrum’s “U Just R” is a powerful reminder that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we cannot change others. We can only control our own growth and transformation. It speaks to the universal human experience of seeking validation and connection, only to realize that the most important validation comes from within.

Released as part of the album “Psyconia” in 2021, the song showcases the collaborative brilliance of Jorge Elbrecht and Machinedrum. Their combined talents create a mesmerizing musical experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.


Written By: Jorge Elbrecht & Machinedrum

Release Date: September 10, 2021

Reflecting on my own personal experiences, “U Just R” reminds me of moments when I’ve poured my heart and soul into relationships, only to realize that I cannot change someone’s true nature or force them to reciprocate my feelings. It serves as a reminder to focus on self-growth and acceptance, rather than seeking validation solely from others.

As a music teacher, I often find myself using music as a means to connect with my students and discuss important themes. “U Just R” by Machinedrum provides an excellent opportunity to spark conversations around self-acceptance, resilience, and personal growth. Its relatable lyrics and mesmerizing melody make it a perfect addition to any meaningful music journey.

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