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The Meaning Behind The Song: Two Roads by Valerie June

The Meaning Behind The Song: Two Roads by Valerie June

As a Music Technician, I am constantly exploring different genres and artists, always on the lookout for captivating songs that resonate with me on a deeper level. One such song that has truly left an impression on me is “Two Roads” by Valerie June. I first heard this song on a rainy afternoon while I was browsing through a friend’s music collection, and from the moment the first notes played, I was completely captivated.

The lyrics of “Two Roads” unfold a story of choices, journeys, and the complexities of life. June’s soulful voice delivers the verses with a mix of vulnerability and strength, drawing the listener into the depth of emotions portrayed in the song.

In the first verse, June sings, “Some are going with you, Some you can’t put down, Some that you are leaving, Some never to be found.” These lines encapsulate the essence of decision-making and how it can shape our lives. We all have moments where we must choose between different paths, and sometimes those choices come with sacrifices or leaving certain things behind. The line, “Might get a funny feeling, Something’s been overlooked,” highlights the unease and uncertainty that can accompany decisions, reminding us that even the most well-thought-out choices can leave us questioning.

The chorus of “Two Roads” repeats the phrase “Two roads” multiple times, emphasizing the duality and multiplicity of choices in life. It serves as a reminder that every decision we make leads us down a certain path, and we must acknowledge and take responsibility for the roads we choose to follow.

The second verse introduces a sense of new beginnings, with the lyrics painting a picture of facing each day with determination. June sings, “Bright and early morning, And a new day, a new day has come, Set face towards the sunset, Sweat beads from work been done.” These lines illustrate a sense of hope and resilience, as well as the idea that with each sunrise, we have the opportunity to embark on a different journey and leave the past behind.

One of the most powerful aspects of “Two Roads” is the way in which Valerie June’s expressive vocals convey emotions and evoke imagery. Her voice, combined with the introspective lyrics, allows listeners to connect with the song on a personal level. The lines, “Green hearts they may surround you, Gray clouds might fill the sky, Black thoughts might come to bury you, Have you always asking why?” dive into the complexities of life and the internal battles we all face. Despite the challenges we encounter, there is a sense of empowerment in the lines, “But every journey forward, Two roads, two roads, two roads, but one you took.” It serves as a reminder that even when faced with adversity, we have the power to choose our own path and move forward.

“Two Roads” is a beautiful blend of folk and soul, showcasing Valerie June’s unique musical style. The song’s melody, combined with the heartfelt lyrics, has the ability to transport listeners into a contemplative state, where they can reflect on their own journeys and choices.

In conclusion, “Two Roads” by Valerie June is a song that delves into the intricacies of decision-making, the paths we choose in life, and the emotions that accompany those choices. Its introspective lyrics and soulful vocals make it a powerful and thought-provoking piece of music. I, for one, am grateful to have stumbled upon this song and to have had the opportunity to connect with it on a personal level. It serves as a constant reminder that life is a journey filled with choices, and it is up to us to embrace the roads we decide to take.


Acoustic Guitar – Valerie June

Pedal Steel Guitar – Dan Lead

Recording Engineer – Seth Presant & Benjamin Rice

Mixing Engineer – Kennie Takahashi

Mastering Engineer – Greg Calbi

Release Date March 12, 2021

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