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The Meaning Behind The Song: Tru Talk by Jassie Gill

The Meaning Behind The Song: Tru Talk by Jassie Gill


When it comes to music, I have always felt that songs have a unique way of connecting with us emotionally. One such song that holds a special place in my heart is “Tru Talk” by Jassie Gill. The lyrics and melody of this track have resonated with me on a profound level, and today, I would like to share the meaning behind this beautiful composition.

Tru Talk – Lyrics

Let’s first take a look at the lyrics of “Tru Talk” by Jassie Gill:

Ishq da bahana gehra
Tere pyar wala cenema chalda
Ni windows deep toh ho ke
Kabhi tha roja, kabhi aaj kal da
Yaar beli vairi agg warga
Soorme de de goli jehde naal yaari chalda
Tu naal khadi apne bann di
Koi hor kise da naal jatt naal chalda

Kamaiyan jadon karma main
Bhangra patt da
Ho jiven mandeer utte sher
Jaadu batt da (x2)

Je tu rehna mere pichhe
Morni banke kamal patt da
Je tu rehna mere pichhe
Morni banke kamal patt da

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

“Tru Talk” is a Punjabi track that beautifully expresses the feeling of love and devotion. The song starts by depicting the depth of love, comparing it to an intense movie experience. The lyrics suggest that the journey of love is not always predictable and can switch between different emotions, just like the changing scenarios of a film.

The song then moves on to describe the strong bond between friends, emphasizing the loyalty shared between them. The phrase “Yaar beli vairi agg warga, soorme de de goli jehde naal yaari chalda” highlights the unbreakable friendship and readiness to face any challenge together.

As the song progresses, Jassie Gill expresses his passion for music and dance, illustrating how he feels when he performs traditional Punjabi dance forms like Bhangra. The lines “Kamaiyan jadon karma main, Bhangra patt da, Ho jiven mandeer utte sher, Jaadu batt da” convey his joy and the energy he feels while dancing.

Lastly, the song concludes by celebrating the beauty and allure of a loved one. The lines “Je tu rehna mere pichhe, Morni banke kamal patt da” symbolize the desire to have the loved one by one’s side and the admiration they inspire.

Personal Connection

I have always found “Tru Talk” by Jassie Gill to be incredibly captivating because I can relate to the emotions expressed in the lyrics. The song reminds me of different phases of love and friendship that I have experienced in my life. It takes me back to moments filled with excitement, laughter, and being there for one another through thick and thin.

Moreover, the energetic beats and Jassie Gill’s soulful voice make it impossible for me to resist tapping my feet and singing along. Every time I play this song, it never fails to uplift my mood.

In conclusion, “Tru Talk” by Jassie Gill is not just a mere composition; it is a beautiful expression of love, friendship, passion, and admiration. The lyrics and melody of this Punjabi track have made a significant impact on me, reminding me of the importance of genuine connections and celebrating the beauty of life.

So, the next time you come across this song, take a moment to appreciate its depth and let it transport you to a world of true emotions.

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