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The Meaning Behind The Song: Total Eclipse of the Moon by Enigma

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Total Eclipse of the Moon” by Enigma


Enigma, the pioneering musical project led by Michael Cretu, has captivated audiences for decades through their unique fusion of electronic, ambient, and world music. One of their most enchanting songs, “Total Eclipse of the Moon,” continues to evoke deep emotions and intrigue listeners with its enigmatic lyrics and haunting melody. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this remarkable song, exploring its themes and inspirations.

Unveiling the Enigma: Interpretation of “Total Eclipse of the Moon”

“Total Eclipse of the Moon” is an instrumental track that serves as the closing piece of Enigma’s second studio album, “The Cross of Changes,” released in 1993. The absence of lyrics provides an open canvas for listeners to apply their own interpretations and experiences to the music. Nonetheless, the title itself offers a significant clue to understanding the song’s essence.

Totality and the symbolism of a lunar eclipse play a prominent role in “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon due to their alignment. Symbolically, a lunar eclipse often represents a temporary interruption or disruption in our regular rhythm of life. It serves as a metaphor for transformation, reflection, and the exploration of the subconscious mind.

The Abstract Journey: Music and Emotions

Enigma’s distinctive soundscapes often induce a profound emotional response, positioning the listener on an abstract journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional songwriting. “Total Eclipse of the Moon” embodies this characteristic, taking us on a voyage into the depths of our psyche.

Through a combination of synthesized melodies, ethereal vocals, and atmospheric sounds, Enigma creates a sonic tapestry that encourages introspection. The absence of lyrics invites listeners to rely solely on the power of the music to reveal emotions that might elude verbal expression. Each intricate layer of sound gently guides us closer to the core emotions concealed within our inner selves.

Reconnecting with Ourselves: The Quest for Understanding

The evocative nature of “Total Eclipse of the Moon” enables us to reconnect with our innermost being and initiate a quest for self-understanding. The absence of concrete lyrics allows listeners to embrace their own personal narratives and interpret the music in a way that feels genuine and authentic to their experiences.

This instrumental piece resonates on an intuitive level, evoking a sense of unity across borders and cultures. It serves as a reminder that, despite our diverse backgrounds and individual journeys, we all share a common human experience.


1. Who is the composer of “Total Eclipse of the Moon”?

“Total Eclipse of the Moon” is composed by Michael Cretu, the mastermind behind Enigma.

2. What inspired the creation of this song?

While specific inspirations behind the song remain undisclosed, Enigma draws from various influences, including philosophy, spirituality, mythology, and the depths of the human psyche.

3. Are there any known quotes from Michael Cretu about this song?

As an artist who often prefers to let his music speak for itself, Michael Cretu hasn’t provided specific quotes about “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” However, he has mentioned in interviews that he wishes for listeners to interpret his music in a way that holds personal significance for them.

4. How does “Total Eclipse of the Moon” differ from other Enigma songs?

“Total Eclipse of the Moon” stands out from other Enigma songs due to its instrumental nature. While many Enigma tracks incorporate delicate vocals, this particular piece relies solely on the power of the music to convey its emotional depth.

5. What emotions does “Total Eclipse of the Moon” evoke?

As with any instrumental song, emotional responses may vary among listeners. However, common emotions associated with “Total Eclipse of the Moon” include introspection, tranquility, awe, and a sense of connection to the collective human experience.

6. Are there any hidden messages or symbols within the song?

As with all of Enigma’s music, various symbolic elements can be found within “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” However, due to the absence of lyrics, these symbols are open to individual interpretation, allowing listeners to uncover their own meaning through the music.

7. Is “Total Eclipse of the Moon” linked to any specific cultural or spiritual beliefs?

While Enigma draws inspiration from a wide range of cultural and spiritual influences, including Gregorian chants, there isn’t a specific cultural or spiritual belief system directly associated with “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” The song’s open-ended nature enables listeners to find connections to their own cultural or spiritual backgrounds.

8. Can the song be used for meditation or relaxation purposes?

Certainly! The introspective and calming qualities of “Total Eclipse of the Moon” make it a suitable choice for meditation or relaxation. Its soothing melodies and tranquil soundscape provide an ideal backdrop for finding inner peace and focus.

9. Was “Total Eclipse of the Moon” a commercial success?

While “Total Eclipse of the Moon” wasn’t released as a single, “The Cross of Changes” album achieved substantial commercial success, reaching multi-platinum status in several countries. The album’s popularity further cemented Enigma’s reputation as a unique and influential musical act.

10. How does Enigma’s music continue to resonate with audiences today?

Enigma’s music transcends time, resonating with audiences across generations due to its timeless and universal themes. The ambiguity and open interpretations offered by songs like “Total Eclipse of the Moon” allow listeners to establish a personal connection, making it a captivating experience that endures.

11. Has “Total Eclipse of the Moon” been performed live?

While Enigma has performed live concerts, “Total Eclipse of the Moon” is rarely part of their setlist. Enigma’s live performances often feature their more popular hits, showcasing the diversity of their discography for fans worldwide.

12. Are there any similar songs to “Total Eclipse of the Moon” by Enigma?

Enigma’s discography is rife with songs that possess a similar atmospheric quality and emotional depth as “Total Eclipse of the Moon.” Some notable examples include “Return to Innocence,” “Sadeness (Part I),” and “Principles of Lust.”


“Total Eclipse of the Moon” stands as an emblematic creation within Enigma’s captivating musical repertoire. Its absence of lyrics allows listeners to embark on an inner journey, exploring the depths of their emotions and connecting with the shared human experience. As Enigma effortlessly blends electronic and world music elements, this instrumental piece emits a mesmerizing aura that continues to captivate audiences and beckon them towards self-exploration and enlightenment.

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