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The Meaning Behind The Song: Tongue Tied by Japanese Wallpaper

The Meaning Behind The Song: Tongue Tied by Japanese Wallpaper

Japanese Wallpaper’s song “Tongue Tied” is a beautiful and introspective track that speaks to the feelings of being lost and overwhelmed. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and a struggle to find one’s voice and place in the world.

Verse 1

In the opening verse, the lyrics say, “Closer than I’d ever go, Further than I really know.” These lines depict a feeling of being pulled in opposite directions, as if the narrator is uncertain of how to move forward. It represents a conflict within oneself, torn between taking risks and staying within their comfort zone.

The following lines, “Fall down, eyes on the pavement, Give up, you’ll never make it,” express a deep sense of self-doubt and discourage. The feeling of constantly falling and never being able to achieve success or live up to one’s own expectations is a theme many can relate to.


The chorus of “Tongue Tied” further emphasizes the weight that the narrator carries. “It’s in the weight I carry around, Though my feet don’t touch the floor, It’s the way I fall to the ground, With the feeling that I’m no more.” These lines describe the emotional burden that the narrator feels, the heaviness that accompanies their everyday life. It’s a feeling of being invisible and insignificant, as if their presence in the world doesn’t matter.

Verse 2

The second verse continues to explore the theme of feeling tongue-tied and uptight. “Tongue tied more than I’ve ever been, Uptight, I don’t want to be seen.” These lyrics highlight the struggle to express oneself, fearing judgment or rejection from others. It reflects a desire to blend into the background and avoid drawing attention to oneself.

The following line, “Move on, let it all sink in, Tell me, keep it all hidden,” captures the internal battle of wanting to let go and move forward, but being weighed down by past experiences that are hard to let go of. The narrator longs for someone to confide in but also feels the need to hide their true emotions and thoughts.

Chorus and Outro

The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the central message of the song. The weight that the narrator carries remains constant, and the feeling of not being grounded persists. The outro simply repeats the word “no more” and emphasizes the struggle to find solid ground.

“Tongue Tied” is a powerful and relatable song that captures the internal battles and emotional weight that many individuals experience. It speaks to the need for self-expression, finding one’s place, and the struggle to let go of past baggage. The heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody make it a standout track on Japanese Wallpaper’s album, “Glow.”

Personal Reflections

I remember the first time I heard “Tongue Tied” by Japanese Wallpaper. The haunting melody immediately drew me in, but it was the honest and vulnerable lyrics that resonated with me the most. As someone who has often felt overwhelmed and struggled to find my voice, this song struck a deep chord within me.

Listening to the lyrics, I couldn’t help but reflect on the times when I felt stuck, unable to move forward due to fear or self-doubt. This song became a reminder that I wasn’t alone in these feelings and that many others have experienced similar struggles.

“Tongue Tied” has become an anthem for me during times when I need to release my inhibitions and find the strength to speak up. It has served as a reminder to let go of the weight I carry and embrace my true self, regardless of how others may perceive me.

Japanese Wallpaper’s “Tongue Tied” is a powerful and emotionally charged song that resonates with anyone who has felt lost or overwhelmed. Its beautiful lyrics and captivating melody make it a standout track that continues to inspire and connect with listeners worldwide.

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