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The Meaning Behind The Song: Tokyo Ghoul by NvMe

The Meaning Behind The Song: Tokyo Ghoul by NvMe

As a music enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for songs that not only have catchy beats but also hold deeper meanings. One such song that has recently caught my attention is “Tokyo Ghoul” by NvMe. The lyrics of this song, along with its fascinating backstory, have left a lasting impact on me.

I first heard this song on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was lounging at a friend’s house. The opening lines immediately caught my attention. NvMe starts off by expressing his frustration at not receiving any messages from any girls. However, he quickly switches gears and boasts about his independence and success. The line “Im independent they wanted to fire me but my contract is like water” illustrates his resilience and the power he holds in the music industry.

The first verse is followed by a catchy hook where NvMe talks about rejecting the advances of girls and going on a pretend date with Touka, a reference to the popular character from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. The use of this reference creates a connection between the song and the dark, intense world of Tokyo Ghoul.

In the second verse, Noir takes over and adds his unique style to the song. He compares himself to Kaneki, the tortured protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, emphasizing his readiness for any challenge that comes his way. Noir’s confident delivery and clever wordplay make this verse equally captivating.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the song is how it delves into the theme of envy and the consequences it can bring. The line “If I ever fucking die, it’s from cannibalism and suicide” sends chills down my spine, highlighting the destructive power of envy and the potential for self-destruction it holds.

The third verse brings us back to NvMe, who continues to explore the complex nature of envy. He refers to his enemies as betas and asserts his dominance with lyrics like “Put your whole house for sale cause you envy me.” The imagery in these lines is vivid and adds to the overall intensity of the song.

As the song reaches its conclusion, the lyrics become more introspective. NvMe reflects on his journey and the toll fame has taken on his relationships. The line “Im winning a lot, triple S rank” showcases his rise to success, but there is an underlying sense of loneliness and isolation.

Overall, “Tokyo Ghoul” by NvMe is a song that combines catchy beats with thought-provoking lyrics. It not only pays homage to the popular anime series but also dives deep into the complex emotions of envy and the consequences it can have. The intense delivery by both NvMe and Noir adds an extra layer of rawness to the track, making it an unforgettable listening experience.

As a fan of music that goes beyond surface-level meanings, I truly appreciate the depth and creativity that NvMe brings to his work. “Tokyo Ghoul” is a prime example of a song that hooks you with its infectious beats and keeps you engaged with its thought-provoking lyrics.

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