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The Meaning Behind The Song: Those Dinosaur Blues by Michael Ford

The Meaning Behind The Song: Those Dinosaur Blues by Michael Ford


I first heard the song “Those Dinosaur Blues” by Michael Ford at a friend’s house a few years ago. I remember stumbling upon this catchy tune and being immediately captivated by its unique theme. With its playful lyrics and catchy melody, this song quickly became one of my favorites. However, as I dug deeper into the lyrics, I discovered a deeper meaning hidden behind the whimsical surface. In this article, I will explore the meaning behind the song and share my personal interpretation.

The Dinosaur’s Perspective

“Those Dinosaur Blues” delves into the emotional turmoil of a dinosaur struggling with society’s perception of him. The opening lines, “I’m a dino, With a low, low voice, It’s not my fault, I had no choice, Everyone’s afraid of me, I’m very nice, Why don’t they see?” immediately give us a glimpse into the dinosaur’s perspective. He is frustrated that people judge him based on his appearance and don’t take the time to see the gentle and kind creature he truly is.

The Loneliness and Longing

Throughout the song, the dinosaur expresses his loneliness and longing for acceptance and friendship. Lines such as, “Oh why, oh why, Am I the scariest guy? I am longing to play, But you all run away, Without saying goodbye,” highlight the dinosaur’s yearning for connection. Despite his efforts to show his true nature, he is constantly met with fear and rejection.

A Sense of Innocence

The song also depicts the dinosaur as innocent and misunderstood. Instead of dwelling on his fearsome appearance, the lyrics emphasize the dinosaur’s vulnerability, shyness, and sensitivity. This portrayal challenges the common perception of dinosaurs as fierce and dangerous creatures.

Relevance to Real-Life Situations

Although “Those Dinosaur Blues” is a playful song, it addresses a relatable theme that resonates with individuals who have experienced feeling misunderstood or judged based on their outward appearance. The dinosaur’s longing for acceptance mirrors our own desire to be seen for who we truly are beyond physical appearances and stereotypes.

The Music and Composition

Michael Ford’s composition melds seamlessly with Sandra Boynton’s lyrics, creating a lighthearted and infectious melody. The catchy chorus, “I’ve got those dinosaur blues, From my hat to my shoes, I’m so terribly blue, Oh, woe, what can I do?” is sure to get stuck in your head. The combination of Ford’s rich vocals and the playful instrumentation adds an extra layer of charm, effectively conveying the emotions of the dinosaur.


“Those Dinosaur Blues” by Michael Ford is more than just a fun and catchy song. Its lyrics speak to us on a deeper level, shedding light on the universal human desire for acceptance and understanding. Through the dinosaur’s perspective, we are reminded to look beyond appearances and stereotypes, allowing room for genuine connections and friendships. Next time you find yourself singing along to this song, take a moment to appreciate the underlying message. I know I will!

Album Information

Album title: Philadelphia Chickens


Written By: Michael Ford & Sandra Boynton

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