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The Meaning Behind The Song: Thizz Music by Mac Dre

The Meaning Behind The Song: Thizz Music by Mac Dre


I am listening to this song while working, and it never fails to get me hyped up and pumped. Mac Dre’s “Thizz Music” is a track that has become iconic in the rap world, known for its infectious beat and catchy lyrics. But behind the party anthem lies a deeper meaning that reflects Mac Dre’s life and experiences. In this article, we will dive into the lyrics and uncover the true essence of “Thizz Music.”

The Lyrics

The song begins with an upbeat introduction, setting the stage for the high-energy track. Mac Dre introduces himself and mentions his crew, emphasizing their unique style. “You know we get stewie, dumb, every time, stewie. Dumb is how we come, Thizz music, Thizz is what it is.”

In the first verse, Mac Dre pays homage to his friends, many of whom have had run-ins with the law. He mentions their reckless lifestyle, drinking Heem (a popular malt liquor) and overdosing on drugs. The mention of “roll twamps and gold D’s” refers to riding on 20-inch rims and wearing gold Dayton (D) wire wheels, a symbol of street culture.

Mac Dre also references Goldie, a legendary figure in the Bay Area rap scene known for his pimp persona. Goldie is considered a “made man,” someone with influence and respect. Mac Dre warns not to mess with Goldie or his associates, highlighting the loyalty and respect within their circle.

The rapper then paints a vivid picture of his own life, describing himself as a thug and a vandal. He talks about his excessive habits, drinking and smoking heavily. With lines like “drink like ten fishes, smoke like candles,” Mac Dre conveys his penchant for indulgence.

Amidst the chaos, Mac Dre highlights his protection methods, mentioning a Colt Commando firearm. He refers to himself as a walking scandal, someone who lives on the edge and is constantly stirring up trouble. He also speaks about the constant threat of law enforcement and his experiences being incarcerated.

In the last few lines, Mac Dre reveals that he has received a letter from his family while being imprisoned. The letter mentions his friend getting caught up in a riot, resulting in his relocation to another correctional facility. Mac Dre laments the separation from his friends, uncertain about their current whereabouts.

Despite the hardships, Mac Dre asserts that he doesn’t complain because he knew the risks and consequences when he entered the game. The song ends on this note, leaving listeners with a glimpse into Mac Dre’s reality.

Additional Information

“Thizz Music” is featured on Mac Dre’s album “16 Wit’ Dre,” released on June 20, 2006. The album was released under Thizz Entertainment, an independent record label founded by Mac Dre himself. Known for his unique style and contributions to the Bay Area rap scene, Mac Dre created a subgenre called “Thizz,” which blended elements of hyphy and gangsta rap.

The legacy of Mac Dre and his impact on the rap industry continues to be celebrated to this day. He passed away tragically in 2004, but his music lives on as a testament to his talent and influence.

In conclusion, “Thizz Music” by Mac Dre is more than just a party anthem. It delves into the realities of his life, the struggles he faced, and the loyalty he had for his friends. The lyrics reflect the gritty and rebellious nature of the Bay Area rap scene, making it an enduring classic in Mac Dre’s discography.

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