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The Meaning Behind The Song: (This Movie Is) Rated Ours by Jason Mraz

The Meaning Behind The Song: (This Movie Is) Rated Ours by Jason Mraz


As a longtime fan of Jason Mraz, I can confidently say that his music has always had a way of resonating with me on a deep emotional level. One song, in particular, that holds a special place in my heart is “(This Movie Is) Rated Ours.” The lyrics and melody of this enchanting track have a captivating effect, and I found myself delving into its meaning and significance. In this article, I will explore the hidden story behind the song, along with my personal interpretation of its lyrics.

Verse 1:

“You could be the song in my silent movie
It’s you who put the motion in my picture
It’s starting right now
I can hear the projector”

The opening verse instantly sets the tone for the emotional journey this song takes us on. Jason Mraz compares the presence of a loved one to a “song in my silent movie,” implying that they bring life and meaning to his existence. The mention of the projector signifies the beginning of their story together, and the excitement that comes with a new love. It’s as if the music is playing, the film is rolling, and their journey together is about to unfold.

Verse 2:

“Don’t let the trailer be better than the movie
I plan on staying till the end
Dim the lights and recite your lines to me
Don’t let it be a short film”

This verse speaks to the fear of disappointment that often accompanies new relationships. Mraz urges his partner not to let the initial excitement and anticipation fade away. He emphasizes the importance of commitment and asks them to actively participate by sharing their thoughts and emotions. He longs for a love story that doesn’t end prematurely, but rather one that withstands the test of time.

Verse 3:

“You could be the star, you are brighter than the spotlights
Who wouldn’t cast you in the role
You got the part auditioning for my heart
You had me at hello”

The third verse exudes adoration and admiration for the partner. Mraz compares them to a shining star, someone who commands attention effortlessly. The metaphor of auditioning for his heart suggests that they won him over from the very beginning. Their captivating presence and magnetic personality secured the lead role in his life, leaving him smitten from the moment they met.

Verse 4:

“The orchestra rises up
Please don’t let our scenes get cut
This is where we kiss and fall in love”

This verse takes on a more cinematic feel, highlighting the importance of pivotal moments in their relationship. The rising orchestra signifies the heightening emotion and passion between them. Mraz pleads for the scenes of their love story not to be cut short, as this is the turning point where they share a significant kiss and truly fall in love.

Verse 5:

“So don’t let the trailer be better than the movie
Don’t let it have too many twists
You don’t need no camera tricks
You have your own special effects
And that affection keeps me hanging in suspense”

In this verse, Mraz warns against the allure of fleeting excitement and superficiality. He encourages his partner to embrace the authenticity of their love instead of relying on tricks and twists to maintain interest. Their genuine affection and connection are enough to keep him eagerly invested in their relationship, creating a sense of suspense and anticipation for what’s to come.

Verse 6:

“Quiet on the set, are you ready for your close-up
You’re a natural on the screen
With your eyes, you stop motion
Put my life into focus
You’re the darling of the critics
But this movie’s just for me”

This verse beautifully captures the enchantment and admiration Mraz feels for his partner. He portrays them as a natural talent, enchanting everyone who witnesses their love story. Their presence alone has the power to halt time and bring clarity to his life. While others may admire them, their love is a private experience, an intimate movie just for the two of them.

Verse 7:

“The orchestra rises up
Please don’t let our scenes get cut
This is where we ride off in the sun”

The penultimate verse highlights the desire for a fulfilling and lasting love story. As the orchestra rises again, Mraz expresses his hope that their moments together won’t be shortened or overshadowed. He envisions himself and his partner riding off into the sun, symbolizing a journey of happiness and contentment.

Verse 8:

“The orchestra rises up
This is what I’m dreaming of
Let’s make everyone believe in love
Let’s make everyone believe in love”

The final verse stands as a powerful plea for love to prevail. Mraz dreams of a love story that inspires others, where their love becomes a beacon of hope. He wishes for their love to be a testament that true and enduring love exists, rekindling belief in the power of love in the hearts of all who listen to their song.


“This movie is rated ours”

The concluding line reinforces the personal and passionate nature of their love story. It acknowledges that this movie, their love, is unique to them and filled with their own distinct experiences and emotions.


“(This Movie Is) Rated Ours” by Jason Mraz is a mesmerizing song that explores the depth and beauty of an intimate love story. Through its enchanting lyrics, Mraz paints a picture of a relationship worth cherishing, one that defies clichés and embraces authenticity. The song reminds us of the magic and power of love, urging us not to settle for mere trailers but to seek a love story that unfolds with depth, passion, and endurance.

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