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The Meaning Behind The Song: This Is Amazing Grace (Live) by North Point Worship

The Meaning Behind The Song: “This Is Amazing Grace (Live)” by North Point Worship

As a music enthusiast, I often find myself captivated by songs that leave a lasting impression on my heart. One such song that has touched me deeply is “This Is Amazing Grace (Live)” by North Point Worship. I first heard this powerful anthem on a quiet evening while browsing through some songs at a friend’s house. Little did I know that this musical masterpiece would soon become a cherished favorite.

The lyrics of “This Is Amazing Grace” are not only beautifully crafted but also hold a profound message that speaks to the depths of my soul. The song starts with a question that ignites our curiosity, “Who breaks the power of sin and darkness? Whose love is mighty and so much stronger?” The answer is revealed in the following line, “The King of glory, the King above all kings.” This verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, highlighting the overwhelming power and love of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I resonate with this song is its ability to remind me of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for humanity. The chorus encapsulates this truth with the lines, “That You would take my place, that You would bear my cross. You laid down Your life, that I would be set free.” These words serve as a powerful reminder of Jesus’ unconditional love, grace, and redemption for all who choose to believe in Him.

The following verse shifts the focus to the transformative power of Jesus. The lyrics ask, “Who brings our chaos back into order? Who makes the orphan a son and daughter?” These lines highlight Jesus’ ability to bring restoration and healing to our brokenness. It reminds me that even in the midst of life’s chaos, Jesus is there, ready to restore and guide us.

In the final verse, the lyrics proclaim, “Who rules the nations with truth and justice? Shines like the sun in all of its brilliance? The King of glory, the King above all kings.” These words reiterate Jesus’ sovereignty and magnificence, affirming His role as the ultimate ruler over all creation.

The song concludes with a heartfelt bridge that repeats the word “worthy” multiple times. It is a powerful declaration of Jesus’ worthiness to be praised and adored, as the Lamb who was slain and the King who conquered the grave. This part of the song always fills me with a sense of awe and gratitude, reminding me of Jesus’ triumph over death and His ability to bring us eternal life.

“This Is Amazing Grace (Live)” was originally written by Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle, and Phil Wickham, and North Point Worship’s rendition adds a new dimension to the song. Released on June 9, 2015, on their live album “Hear,” the track features Chris Cauley. The production by Steve Fee and Steve Marcia brings out the raw emotions and passion behind the lyrics, making it a truly heartfelt performance.

In conclusion, “This Is Amazing Grace (Live)” by North Point Worship is a song that resonates deep within my spirit. Its powerful lyrics and captivating melody remind me of Jesus’ love, sacrifice, and sovereignty. Every time I listen to this song, I am overwhelmed by a sense of awe and gratitude for all that Jesus has done for me. It is a melody that stirs my soul and reminds me of the amazing grace that has transformed my life.

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