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The Meaning Behind The Song: The Power of Love by Within Temptation

The Meaning Behind The Song: The Power of Love by Within Temptation


As a DJ, I have come across numerous songs that have touched my heart in different ways. However, there is one song that holds a special place in my heart – “The Power of Love” by Within Temptation. I first heard this song during a late-night drive, and its hauntingly beautiful melodies and powerful lyrics struck a chord with me. Today, I would like to explore the meaning behind this captivating song and share my personal experiences with it.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “The Power of Love” convey a message of love’s incredible strength and its ability to conquer darkness. The song describes love as a force from above, cleansing the soul and burning with fiery desire. Within Temptation’s rendition of this classic song originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood captures the essence of love’s power and its transformative effects.

The song begins with the line “Dreams are like angels, they keep bad at bay.” This analogy represents the hope and positivity that love brings into our lives, protecting us from negativity and sadness. Love is portrayed as a light that scares away darkness, and the singer confesses, “I’m so in love with you, purge the soul, make love your goal.” Here, the lyrics emphasize the purity of love and its ability to heal and motivate.

The chorus echoes the sentiments expressed in the verses – “The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul.” Love is described as a flame that burns with desire, akin to tongues of fire. It is a force that purges the soul and should be embraced as a life goal.

Emotional Depth

For me, “The Power of Love” goes beyond its enchanting melody and poetic lyrics. It touches upon the profound emotions we experience when love enters our lives. The song reminds us of the lengths we are willing to go to protect and support those we love, symbolized by the line “I’ll protect you from the hooded claw, keep the vampires from your door.”

Additionally, the lyrics delve into the concept of self-love and self-acceptance, urging listeners to let themselves be beautiful. Love is portrayed as an energy rushing inside us, resonating with the idea that love starts with ourselves before we can extend it to others.


“The Power of Love” by Within Temptation is a song that epitomizes the strength and beauty of love. Its powerful lyrics, combined with the band’s unique musical interpretation, create a mesmerizing experience for listeners. Personally, this song has been a constant source of inspiration and has deepened my appreciation for the power of love in all its forms.

Whether you first encounter it during a late-night drive, stumble upon it at a friend’s house, or are captivated when hearing it for the first time, “The Power of Love” leaves an indelible impression. It reminds us of love’s ability to conquer darkness, cleanse the soul, and serve as a guiding light in our lives. Let this song be a reminder of the power and beauty of love, both within ourselves and within our connections with others.

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