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The Meaning Behind The Song: The One Where She Stayed by Marty

The Meaning Behind The Song: The One Where She Stayed by Marty

Introduction to ‘The One Where She Stayed’

‘The One Where She Stayed’ is a heartfelt song by Marty, released on his EP ‘Marty For President’ in 2015. This song tells a story of a deep connection between two people and a desire for the relationship to last forever.

Personal Connection

As I listen to this song, memories flood my mind, reminding me of a special someone who has stayed by my side through thick and thin. Whether it was during moments of joy or times of hardship, their unwavering support and love have made a significant impact on my life.

When I listen to this song, it takes me back to those moments when I wanted nothing more than for that person to stay with me, to be together through it all. Marty’s lyrics beautifully encapsulate the emotions and feelings associated with this desire.

Lyrics Analysis

In the first verse, Marty mentions the feeling of having butterflies in his stomach, symbolizing the nervousness and excitement of being in love. He compares this sensation to the Italian concept of ‘thunderbolt,’ emphasizing its intensity.

The line “And I love you girl, together we’re nothin’ but trouble, girl” highlights the exhilaration and sense of adventure that comes with being in a passionate relationship. It emphasizes the strength and depth of their connection.

The chorus repeats the plea for the person to stay, emphasizing that they are not required to leave. Marty wants to create a bond that lasts always and forever, expressing his desire for an enduring relationship.

In the second verse, Marty suggests staying up late, disregarding work obligations and canceling other plans just to be with that person. He expresses his willingness to go above and beyond for them, highlighting the importance he places on their relationship.

The line “Let’s be awkward and weird together” speaks to the comfort and acceptance that comes with being with someone who truly understands and appreciates you. Marty recognizes that true love allows for vulnerability and embracing each other’s quirks.

Album Information

‘The One Where She Stayed’ is a track from Marty’s EP, ‘Marty For President,’ released on September 11, 2015. The EP captures Marty’s unique style and showcases his ability to intertwine personal experiences with relatable emotions through his music.


‘The One Where She Stayed’ is a beautiful song that resonates with anyone who has experienced a deep, lasting connection with someone special. Marty’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery capture the essence of longing for a relationship that stands the test of time. It serves as a reminder to cherish those who stay by our side and to appreciate the love and support they bring into our lives.

As I listen to this song, it reminds me of the importance of holding onto those special connections and valuing the people who choose to stay.

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