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The Meaning Behind The Song: The Godfather by 21 Pence

The Meaning Behind The Song: The Godfather by 21 Pence

I first heard the song “The Godfather” by 21 Pence while I was hanging out with a group of friends. We were searching for some new music to listen to, and one of my friends recommended this track. As soon as the song started playing, I was captivated by its powerful lyrics and intense beat.

Released in December 2019, “The Godfather” is a song by Scottish rapper 21 Pence. It is a homage to the iconic movie, “The Godfather,” and embodies the essence of being a lyrical gangster. The track is part of an online EP that Pence came up with after being inspired by the film.

In the song, Pence refers to himself as “The Godfather” and warns listeners not to get on his wrong side. He showcases his pride in his rap skills, claiming to be the best in the game. The lyrics are fierce and confrontational, reflecting Pence’s confidence in his abilities.

One interesting aspect of the song is a reference to a real-life encounter Pence had with someone outside of a bus stop. This encounter seems to have influenced the tone and attitude of the track, adding a personal touch to the lyrics.

Pence mentioned that he chose to watch “The Godfather” before writing and recording the song. He had heard about the movie and was particularly intrigued by the line “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” This line inspired him and became a pivotal part of the song.

The song art for “The Godfather” is reminiscent of the EP cover, with the same photo being used. Pence originally planned to edit the EP cover for the song art but eventually decided to create a new design while incorporating the same photo.

“The Godfather” by 21 Pence is an embodiment of his musical prowess and his nod to the legendary movie. It’s a song that showcases his lyrical skills and unapologetic attitude. The track is a bold statement from the Scottish rapper, solidifying his place in the rap game.

If you haven’t listened to “The Godfather” yet, I highly recommend giving it a listen. Get ready to experience the power and fierceness that 21 Pence brings to the table.


Recorded by (Vocals): 21 Pence

Release Date: December 12, 2019

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