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The Meaning Behind The Song: The Beast Named October by MC Zappa

The Meaning Behind The Song: The Beast Named October by MC Zappa

As a music critic, I often come across unique and powerful songs that leave a lasting impact on me. One such song is “The Beast Named October” by MC Zappa. I first heard this song on a rainy autumn evening, and it instantly resonated with me. The lyrics and the emotional depth behind them struck a chord, making it impossible for me to forget.

In the opening verse, MC Zappa delves into the feelings of loneliness and vulnerability that often accompany the cold, desolate roads of October. He acknowledges that not everyone can withstand the harshness of life, and some choose not to listen to the warnings they receive. Through his introspection, MC Zappa reveals his struggle to find solace amidst the storm that envelopes his loved ones.

“The cold is like a beast; the beast don’t care, not fictional; this is how it is out there.” This line, in particular, speaks volumes about the haunting reality of October. It symbolizes the harshness of life, which only seems to grow colder as time passes. However, MC Zappa doesn’t succumb to despair. Instead, he emphasizes the fire that burns within him, the strength and resilience that keeps him going.

The chorus of the song beautifully encapsulates the essence of “The Beast Named October.” It poses a question to the listeners – can you face the challenges that this season and life throw at you, or will it be a game over? It serves as a powerful reminder that October, with all its metaphorical implications, represents the struggles one faces in life. Each person must confront their own “beast” within October, and only those who can overcome it truly thrive.

In the second verse, MC Zappa acknowledges the weight that October carries. He compares it to the eighth month, the original, coldest month. Life, like October, has a weight that can make one feel trapped. Yet, MC Zappa emphasizes the importance of resilience and the ability to endure. He encourages listeners to wear a metaphorical coat, not giving in to fear, and to face life head-on.

The third and final verse reflects on the relentless nature of the cold, but MC Zappa declares that he will never stop living. He celebrates his strength and survival instinct, emphasizing that he will never be defeated by any challenge that comes his way. It’s an empowering message, reminding us that we possess the power to shape our own destiny.

“The Beast Named October” not only showcases MC Zappa’s lyrical prowess but also the depth of his thoughts and the profound meaning behind his words. Through his thought-provoking rhymes, he imparts wisdom and empowers listeners to confront their fears and thrive against all odds.

Released as part of his album “It’s All A Game” in 2019, “The Beast Named October” stands as a testament to MC Zappa’s talent and his ability to blend elements of rap, nerdcore, and conscious hip-hop. The song speaks to the themes of gaming and Nintendo, which are also prominent in MC Zappa’s work.

Overall, “The Beast Named October” is a powerful and thought-provoking song that encourages listeners to embrace the challenges life presents. MC Zappa’s personal and introspective lyrics make this song a soul-stirring experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who listen. So, the next time October rolls around, remember to face your own “beast” with the strength and resilience that MC Zappa imparts through his music.

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