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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ten Hut by Jadakiss

The Meaning Behind The Song: Ten Hut by Jadakiss

Jadakiss, a renowned American rapper and member of The LOX, released the song “Ten Hut” as part of his fifth studio album, “The Last Kiss,” in 2009. This track became one of the standout songs on the album due to its thought-provoking lyrics and infectious beat. In this article, we delve into the meaning behind “Ten Hut” and its significance within Jadakiss’ discography.

1. Introduction to Ten Hut

“Ten Hut” is a rap song that showcases Jadakiss’ lyrical prowess and ability to communicate powerful messages through music. The track starts with the sound of a military drum roll, adding to the commanding nature of the song.

2. Unpacking the Lyrics

The lyrics of “Ten Hut” primarily revolve around themes of resilience, street life, and perseverance. Jadakiss uses vivid imagery and clever wordplay to paint a picture of the harsh realities faced by individuals living in challenging environments.

3. The Struggles of Street Life

Jadakiss skillfully highlights the struggles faced by those immersed in street life. He addresses the violence, poverty, and constant threats that individuals encounter. Through his lyrics, he sheds light on the difficulties faced by those striving for survival and success in such environments.

4. The Call to Stand Strong

With lines like “Every day another struggle, hustle and bubble / Make moves or get moved, that’s still your only option,” Jadakiss encourages listeners to remain resilient and motivated amidst adversity. He emphasizes the importance of staying focused and determined in order to overcome life’s obstacles.

5. Message of Unity

Jadakiss promotes unity among marginalized communities by asserting that strength lies in collective efforts. The line “We gotta band together, all we got is us” showcases his desire to bridge gaps and empower individuals to support one another.

6. Reflection on Personal Growth

Within “Ten Hut,” Jadakiss takes a reflective approach, acknowledging both his personal growth and the transformative power of his music. This introspection adds depth to the song, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level with the artist’s journey.

7. Powerful Production and Instrumentation

The production of “Ten Hut” plays a significant role in enhancing the song’s impact. With a heavy bassline, catchy hook, and expertly layered instrumentals, the track captures the attention of listeners from the very first note.

8. Reception and Critical Acclaim

Upon its release, “Ten Hut” received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics. Its impactful lyrics, delivered with Jadakiss’ signature flow, made the song resonate within the rap community. The track exemplifies Jadakiss’ ability to create introspective and compelling music.

9. The Last Kiss Album

“Ten Hut” serves as a standout track on Jadakiss’ album “The Last Kiss.” The project, released in 2009, received positive reviews and peaked in the top five of the Billboard 200 chart. It further established Jadakiss as a respected artist within the rap industry.

10. Legacy of Jadakiss

Throughout his career, Jadakiss has consistently delivered impactful music that resonates with his audience. His ability to address real-life struggles while encapsulating deep emotions has solidified his status as one of the greatest lyricists in hip-hop history.


Q1: How long did it take Jadakiss to write “Ten Hut”?
A1: The exact time it took Jadakiss to write “Ten Hut” is unknown. However, it’s clear that the track’s powerful and thought-provoking lyrics required careful consideration and craftsmanship.

Q2: What inspired Jadakiss to create “Ten Hut”?
A2: The inspiration behind “Ten Hut” stems from Jadakiss’ personal experiences growing up in Yonkers, New York. The song reflects the challenges faced in street life and the determination to rise above adversity.

Q3: Did “Ten Hut” win any awards?
A3: Although “Ten Hut” didn’t receive any awards, it garnered critical acclaim and contributed to the success of Jadakiss’ album, “The Last Kiss.”

Q4: Are there any notable collaborations on “Ten Hut”?
A4: “Ten Hut” features Jadakiss as the sole artist. The song showcases his individual talent and ability to captivate listeners with his lyrics.

Q5: Did “Ten Hut” achieve commercial success?
A5: While “Ten Hut” didn’t top the charts, it received significant airplay and contributed to the overall success of Jadakiss’ album “The Last Kiss.”

Q6: How does “Ten Hut” differ from Jadakiss’ other songs?
A6: “Ten Hut” stands out due to its introspective nature and powerful messaging. The song carries a unique weight that distinguishes it from some of Jadakiss’ other tracks.

Q7: Has Jadakiss performed “Ten Hut” live?
A7: Yes, Jadakiss has performed “Ten Hut” live during his concerts and various music events. The song’s powerful delivery makes it a fan-favorite in his live performances.

Q8: Is there an official music video for “Ten Hut”?
A8: No, there isn’t an official music video for “Ten Hut.” However, fans can enjoy the song through various streaming platforms and live performances.

Q9: Did Jadakiss discuss the meaning of “Ten Hut” in any interviews?
A9: Jadakiss hasn’t explicitly discussed the meaning of “Ten Hut” in specific interviews. However, fans and listeners can interpret the song’s message based on the impactful lyrics and the overall context of the album.

Q10: Does “Ten Hut” provide a social commentary?
A10: Yes, “Ten Hut” can be seen as offering a social commentary on the struggles faced by individuals in marginalized communities and the importance of unity for collective progress.

Q11: How did “Ten Hut” contribute to Jadakiss’ career?
A11: “Ten Hut” further solidified Jadakiss’ reputation as a skillful lyricist and artist within the rap industry. The song’s depth and impact add to his legacy as one of the most respected rappers of his generation.

Q12: What other songs should I listen to if I enjoyed “Ten Hut”?
A12: If you enjoyed “Ten Hut” and want to explore more of Jadakiss’ music, songs like “Why,” “Knock Yourself Out,” and “We Gonna Make It” are worth checking out. These tracks highlight his lyrical ability and thematic depth.

In conclusion, “Ten Hut” by Jadakiss is a heartfelt and thought-provoking song that encapsulates the struggles faced by individuals in challenging environments. Its impact stems from Jadakiss’ ability to communicate powerful messages through his lyrics and impactful delivery. The song’s inclusion on “The Last Kiss” further solidifies Jadakiss’ position as a respected artist within the rap industry.

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