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The Meaning Behind The Song: Targaryen by Zasko

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Targaryen” by Zasko

As a Music Technician, I always find it fascinating to delve into the meaning and inspiration behind a song. Today, I would like to analyze the lyrics of “Targaryen” by Zasko, a track that caught my attention with its intriguing title and compelling lyrics.

Raro que tu grupo se reúna, ya solo les une el clip, sé
Que cuando sol y luna se aunan en un eclipse
Las balas de Uzi sobran os bañan de luz y sombra
Creando un mar donde 2 signos de agua saben sumergirse

The song begins with an interesting metaphor, comparing a group’s unity to an eclipse where the sun and moon come together. It’s an image of conflicting elements, represented by the bullets from an Uzi that simultaneously bathe the group in both light and shadow. This creates an environment where two water signs can navigate and immerse themselves.

Hay cero veracidad en lo que me explicaron
No quería velocidad en el cora’ y tus ojos me lo ciclaron
Yo sé de sobra que el tiempo es veloz y caro
Pero a tu lado se queda el reloj desorbitado

In these lines, Zasko reflects on the unreliability of what he was told. He didn’t want the speed that his heart desired, but somehow, he got caught up in it due to the mesmerizing gaze of someone. He acknowledges that time is fast and precious, but being with this person makes the clock lose its grip on reality.

Te gusta mi saliva, te calé, sí
Tonto buscas la salida y llevas en la nuca el exit
Eso te pasa porque nunca lees y
Es que a cada dragón le educa su Khaleesi

These lines carry an air of confidence and playfulness. Zasko realizes that the person he is addressing enjoys his presence, even though they may seek an easy way out. He humorously suggests that their lack of reading has led to their current predicament, drawing a parallel to the popular TV show “Game of Thrones,” where every dragon is educated by their Khaleesi.

Ella llegó sin comentar y me metí intencionalmente
Un juego psicomental en el que vi diseccionar mentes
Cuando todo de esa guste ten por real
Un desajuste temporal tridimensionalmente

In these verses, we see Zasko describing his encounter with this mysterious person as an intentional dive into a psychomental game, where he witnessed the dissection of minds. He emphasizes that when everything about this experience feels pleasing, it becomes a reality within a three-dimensional temporal disorder.

Convierte labia en ego rabia en fuego
Su flujo para mi es Baileys con hielo, estoy hecho de hiel, oh
Vamos a chocarnos juntos hasta deshacernos
No te prometo lo eterno lo demuestro

Here, Zasko depicts the transformative power of this person. He states that they can turn charm into ego and anger into fire. Their presence is like a soothing mix of Baileys with ice for him, despite his cold-hearted nature. Zasko proposes that they collide passionately until they unravel, showcasing that he won’t make empty promises of eternity but will indeed demonstrate his devotion.

Soy un as hasta el ras les arrastro perfecto
Si conoces a Ginés y no a Zasko
¿Con los pies en la tierra intentan comprender lo nuestro?
¿Quién coño va a sentir la atracción entre dos astros?

In this verse, Zasko asserts his prowess as an artist, stating that he excels effortlessly. He questions whether those who only know about his teammate, Ginés, but not him, can truly understand their connection. Zasko then provocatively asks who else can truly feel the attraction between two celestial bodies.

Now, let’s shift our focus towards the title itself – “Targaryen.” Released on June 17, 2016, by Zasko Master, this song is heavily inspired by the renowned series “Game of Thrones” and the House Targaryen. The song also refers to the book series’s title, “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin.

By incorporating the themes of fire, ice, and the Targaryen House, Zasko adds another layer of symbolism to his lyrics. These references contribute to the overall ambiance and depth of the song, drawing in listeners who are fans of both the series and Zasko’s artistry.

In conclusion, “Targaryen” by Zasko is a captivating song that intertwines elements of love, transformation, and the enigmatic world of “Game of Thrones.” With its poetic lyrics and nods to the epic series, this track leaves a lasting impression on listeners, inviting them to explore the depths of its meaning and immerse themselves in the realm of Zasko’s musical artistry.

Album title:

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Recorded At Alicante, M. Vibes

Release Date June 17, 2016

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