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The Meaning Behind The Song: Sweet Music by Major Lance

The Meaning Behind The Song: Sweet Music by Major Lance


I am sitting here, typing away at my computer, and the familiar melody of “Sweet Music” by Major Lance is playing softly in the background. The song brings back memories of simpler times, of carefree days filled with joy and happiness. As I listen to the lyrics and let the music wash over me, I can’t help but ponder the deeper meaning behind this beloved tune.

The Lyrics

“Why do my heart skips a beat
What make the soul come out of me
Somebody’s really gotta tell me
What makes this music sound so sweet”

The opening lines of “Sweet Music” immediately capture the essence of the song. It portrays a sense of wonder and curiosity about the power of music to stir emotions and awaken the soul. Major Lance, through his questioning, invites us to delve into the enchantment that music holds over us.

“What puts the rhythm all in my feet
They start to pat with every beat
It’s a strange, strange feeling but it’s real
It gives me such a great big thrill”

These lines beautifully describe the physical and emotional reaction that music can evoke. The rhythm becomes infectious, permeating our senses and compelling us to tap our feet and move to the beat. The strange but exhilarating feeling that Lance sings about is something many of us can relate to – that euphoria of being swept away by the power of music.

“Could it be the beat of the drum
Could it be the horns that charm
The {?} are great
They really put the rhythm up to date”

In these verses, Major Lance pays homage to the different elements that combine to create the magical essence of music. The beat of the drum and the charm of the horns are highlighted as crucial components that elevate the rhythm. Lance recognizes the importance of these musical elements in enriching the overall experience for the listener.

“I’ve got a really, really low eye
Some of the music brings tears to my eyes
The motion really sparks a flame in my soul
Like love through music, it won’t grow old”

The emotions evoked by music can vary greatly from person to person. Major Lance expresses how certain songs have the power to bring tears to his eyes. He describes the way music ignites a flame within his soul, just like love does. This analogy beautifully captures the timeless and ageless nature of music. No matter how much time passes, the emotional connection we feel to music remains strong.


As I continue to listen to “Sweet Music” by Major Lance, it becomes clear that the song is not just about the joy of listening to music, but also about the power it holds over us. The lyrics explore the profound impact that music can have on our emotions, our thoughts, and even our physical movements. It allows us to tap into something deeper within ourselves and experience a range of emotions that only music can inspire.

So, whether you’re listening to “Sweet Music” while working, playing a game, watching a football match, or simply relaxing at home, take a moment to recognize the meaning behind the song. Major Lance beautifully captures the essence of the enchanting power of music, reminding us of its ability to touch our hearts and souls.

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