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The Meaning Behind The Song: Superman / Beyonce / Chanel by Nessly

The Meaning Behind The Song: Superman / Beyonce / Chanel by Nessly

As a Music Technician, I am constantly exploring and discovering new songs. One day, I stumbled upon a song that immediately captivated me – “Superman / Beyonce / Chanel” by Nessly. The lyrics and unique blend of melodies in this song intrigued me and left me curious to dive deeper into its meaning.

The song starts with the lyrics, “I pull my dick out a dickie suit, hit your bitch right on the couch in your living room.” These bold and explicit words immediately grab attention and set the tone for the rest of the song. It talks about the lavish lifestyle, codeine consumption, and encounters with women that seem transactional in nature. The reference to Superman, such as “Hoes treat me better than Superman,” suggests a sense of invincibility and power in the artist’s life.

Moving further into the song, Nessly mentions his dealings with money and the challenges that come with it. He raps, “When you really getting money, niggas gone try to milk you like it’s 2 percent.” This line implies that when you have money and success, there will always be people trying to take advantage of you. It reflects the realities of fame and fortune, where trust can be hard to find.

The next track, “Beyonce”, takes a different direction. The lyrics, “Why these bitches think that they Beyonce,” shed light on the artist’s perspective of women who believe they are on the same level of success and influence as the iconic singer Beyonce. It brings attention to the idea that not everyone can attain the level of fame and talent that Beyonce possesses.

Nessly continues to explore themes of wealth and power in the lyrics. He mentions changing his number and the effect it has on others, stating, “I changed my number on them bitches they won’t check on me. They treat me different, now I’m walking with the check on me.” These lyrics reveal the impact of success on relationships, highlighting how people’s attitudes towards you can change when you achieve a certain level of financial security.

The last track, “Chanel,” delves into the artist’s quest for material wealth. Nessly raps, “Now I rock Chanel like they shell toes, my lil bitch telling me she want a Chanel tote.” This line portrays the desire for luxury and the pressure to maintain a certain image. It reflects a world where material possessions hold immense value.

Ultimately, the song “Superman / Beyonce / Chanel” by Nessly delves into themes of power, wealth, relationships, and the pursuit of a lavish lifestyle. It represents the artist’s perspective on these topics and shares his experiences with the audience.

In my personal opinion, this song is a unique exploration of the contradictions and complexities within the pursuit of fame and fortune. It shines a light on the challenges and expectations that come with success and the toll it can take on personal relationships. The catchy melodies and bold lyrics make this song both thought-provoking and enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend giving it a listen and exploring the meaning behind the lyrics for yourself.

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