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The Meaning Behind The Song: Stolen Moments by Mark Murphy

The Meaning Behind The Song: Stolen Moments by Mark Murphy

A Music Teacher’s Perspective

I have always believed that music has a way of speaking to the soul. As a music teacher, I strive to expose my students to a wide variety of genres and artists, hoping that they too can find that connection with a particular song or artist. One song that has always held a special place in my heart is “Stolen Moments” by Mark Murphy.

I first heard this incredible tune during my college days. I remember stumbling upon it while browsing through a friend’s collection of jazz records. As soon as the smooth, velvety voice of Mark Murphy filled the room, I was captivated. The lyrics of “Stolen Moments” spoke directly to my soul, and I instantly felt a deep connection to the song.

The lyrics of “Stolen Moments” tell a story of forbidden love and the desire to escape the judgment and gossip of others. The song beautifully expresses the intensity of emotions felt by two individuals who long for uninterrupted moments to share their love without fear or scrutiny.

“If I told you I love you, pretty baby
Would it make up for what they say?
If I hold you and shield you, darlin’
Will you linger awhile today?”

The lyrics convey a sense of longing and vulnerability, as the protagonist questions if their love can ever compensate for the judgment imposed by others. They yearn to protect their loved one and cherish stolen moments with them, away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.

“My kissin’ won’t bug you
The gossips won’t hurt you
I’ll never desert you
And someday will find us
Where people won’t bind us
To the hands of time”

The lyrics also speak of unwavering commitment and the hope that one day they can find a place free from societal constraints. A place where their love can flourish without being bound by the passing of time.

Mark Murphy’s rendition of “Stolen Moments” perfectly captures the essence of the lyrics. His soulful voice, combined with the impeccable musical arrangement, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and passion. The song’s jazzy undertones add a layer of sophistication and timelessness.

Released in 2003 as part of the album “Timeless,” Mark Murphy’s interpretation of “Stolen Moments” continues to resonate with listeners today. Its poetic lyrics and the emotions it evokes make it a perennial favorite among jazz enthusiasts and music lovers.

As a music teacher, I often share this song with my students, encouraging them to explore the emotions and storytelling within music. “Stolen Moments” serves as a testament to the power of music to convey profound emotions and connect people through shared experiences.

Listening to this song makes me appreciate the complexities and nuances of music even more. It reminds me of the reasons why I chose a career in music education – to share the beauty and meaning behind songs like “Stolen Moments” with my students, and to inspire them to find their own connections within the world of music.

So, next time you come across “Stolen Moments” by Mark Murphy, take a moment to listen and immerse yourself in its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. Allow it to touch your soul and transport you to a world where love and stolen moments prevail over judgment and conformity.

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