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The Meaning Behind The Song: Stay (Demo Version) by Mikky Ekko

The Meaning Behind The Song: Stay (Demo Version) by Mikky Ekko

As a music enthusiast, I often find myself diving deeper into the lyrics and melodies of my favorite songs. Today, I want to talk about a song that has left a lasting impact on me – “Stay (Demo Version)” by Mikky Ekko. I first heard this song on a rainy afternoon, and it has resonated with me ever since.

A Captivating Experience

I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house. We were sitting by the window, gazing at the raindrops cascading down the glass. The backdrop of the melancholic weather seemed to complement the mood of the song perfectly.

From the moment Ekko’s haunting vocals filled the room, I was captivated. The lyrics, though simple, carried a profound sense of longing and vulnerability that struck a chord within me. The opening lines – “All along it was a fever, A cold sweat hot-headed believer” – set the tone for the rest of the song.

The Dance of Uncertainty

Ekko’s repetition of the phrase “Round and around and around and around we go” throughout the song beautifully captures the cyclical nature of a turbulent relationship. It paints a picture of two individuals caught in a constant dance of uncertainty, unable to break free from the emotional turmoil they find themselves in.

It’s in this whirlwind that we witness the narrator’s struggle to understand their feelings. “Not really sure how to feel about it, something in the way you move, makes me feel like I can’t live without you,” Ekko confesses. The complexity of love and its power to consume our thoughts and emotions is beautifully portrayed in these lines.

A Desperate Cry for Connection

In the bridge of the song, Ekko sings, “Oh, the reason I hold on, is I need this hole gone. Funny you’re the broken one, but I’m the only one who needed saving.” These lines reveal a raw vulnerability and the desire for connection that often emerges from the darkest corners of our hearts.

It’s fascinating how Ekko plays with the idea of darkness and light throughout the song. The line “when you never see the lights, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving” suggests the ongoing struggle between hope and despair, with both parties grappling to find their way in the darkness.

The Power of “Stay”

The demo version of “Stay” by Mikky Ekko holds a unique power through its stripped-down arrangement. The raw emotion in Ekko’s voice takes center stage, allowing the listener to truly feel the weight of the lyrics.

Released on January 22, 2014, this song gained further recognition when it was remixed by Rihanna and included on her album. However, there is something inherently special about the demo version. Its simplicity and vulnerability offer a personal and intimate experience.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a song that delves into the depths of human emotions, give Mikky Ekko’s “Stay (Demo Version)” a listen. Let the haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics wash over you, and perhaps, you’ll find a connection to your own experiences and emotions.


Album title: Time (2015)

Released Date January 22, 2014

Remixed By: Stay by Rihanna (Ft. Mikky Ekko)

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