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The Meaning Behind The Song: Stay Alive by ​mansionz

The Meaning Behind The Song: Stay Alive by ​mansionz

I am listening to this song while working, and it has struck a chord with me. “Stay Alive” by ​mansionz is a powerful and introspective song that delves into the struggles and battles faced by the artists. The lyrics depict a story of pain, addiction, and the constant fight to stay alive.

Verse 1 and Pre-Chorus – Mike Posner’s Perspective

The song opens with Mike Posner expressing his attempts to fill a void in his heart with materialistic possessions like money, women, and drugs. Despite these distractions, he calls his mom conveying that although nothing is explicitly wrong, he’s not okay. The pre-chorus reveals the weight of his memories, sad thoughts, and overwhelming emotions that almost cause him to fade away.

Chorus – Voicing Inner Struggles

In the chorus, both Mike Posner and blackbear convey their struggles and the quest to stay alive. They sing of not hoping to die, referencing a difficult year in 2018 where they nearly lost their minds and lives. They reassure their loved ones that they will be fine but emphasize the importance of doing their best to stay alive.

Verse 2 – blackbear’s Perspective

blackbear takes over the second verse, revealing that despite his seemingly confident demeanor, he’s not okay. People become concerned when he sleeps for extended periods, and he acknowledges his inner turmoil even though he presents himself as dressed to kill. He reflects on his childhood dreams and how he now has children of his own. He aims to break the cycle of addiction he inherited from his father, doing everything necessary to stay alive.

Pre-Chorus and Chorus – blackbear’s Struggles

Continuing with the pre-chorus, blackbear expresses the rush of medicine, chemicals, and imbalances that he battles. He decides to throw them all away and strives to stay alive. The chorus reaffirms his commitment to staying alive while sending a message to his brother that he’ll be fine.

The outro encapsulates the determination to stay alive in the face of almost losing one’s life. The repetition of the line “Doing my best to stay alive” emphasizes the continuous effort and struggle to overcome inner demons and challenges.

The song “Stay Alive” is part of the album “mansionz 2,” set to be released on October 31, 2023. The production credits include ​blackbear, Mike Posner, Adam Friedman, Andrew Goldstein, and ​Aaron Harmon. The song was written by ​blackbear, Mike Posner, Martijn Konijnenburg, Em Beihold, and Adam Friedman. It features additional production by ​Aaron Harmon, synthesizer by ​Aaron Harmon, and strings by Davide Rossi.

As a listener, I can relate to the feelings of struggling to stay afloat and maintain emotional well-being. This song serves as a reminder that many people, including artists, face internal battles that may not always be apparent on the surface. It encourages empathy and understanding for others’ struggles.

“Stay Alive” is a raw and heartfelt song that dives deep into the human experience. It sheds light on the trials faced by the artists and serves as a reminder of the importance of resilience, connection, and the constant pursuit of staying alive.

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