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The Meaning Behind The Song: Sorcerer by Marilyn Martin

The Meaning Behind The Song: Sorcerer by Marilyn Martin

I am currently listening to the song “Sorcerer” by Marilyn Martin, and it never fails to transport me to a different world. The haunting melody and the enigmatic lyrics create an atmosphere of mystery and longing. Let’s dive deeper into the meaning behind this mesmerizing song.

The Lyrics

“I’m tired
I’m thirsty
I’m wild eyed
In my misery”

The opening lines set the tone for the song, depicting a sense of exhaustion and desperation. The singer seems drained physically and emotionally, searching for solace in the midst of their misery.

Who is the master?
Man and woman on a star stream
In the middle of a snow dream
Show me the high life
Come over
Let me put you on ice”

These lines introduce the theme of magic and illusion, as the singer addresses a sorcerer. They question who holds the power and control in this mystical relationship. The mention of a “star stream” and a “snow dream” adds to the sense of enchantment, suggesting a fantastical setting.

“I’m tired
When I need you badly
Wild eyed
In the middle of your dream”

Throughout the song, the singer’s weariness and intense longing are emphasized. They yearn for the presence of the sorcerer, who seemingly has the ability to transport them to another realm. The lyrics capture the desperation and wild-eyed desire for a connection with the sorcerer.

“All around
Black ink darkness
Who found
The lady from the mountain”

Here, the song takes on a darker tone, with references to darkness and a mysterious woman from the mountain. It enhances the air of mystique and intrigue in the story being told.

The Inspiration and Additional Information

“Sorcerer” was featured in the 1984 film “Streets of Fire.” The song carries a sense of cinematic grandeur, perfectly complementing the film’s atmosphere. Marilyn Martin’s powerful vocals and the captivating lyrics provide a memorable experience for listeners.

The song explores themes of desire, longing, and the allure of the unknown. It delves into the complexities of relationships and the search for something beyond the ordinary. The lyrics and the melody intertwine to create an ethereal and captivating musical journey.

In “Sorcerer,” Marilyn Martin beautifully captures the universal human longing for connection and escape. The enchanting lyrics and haunting melody leave a lasting impact, drawing listeners into a world of mystery and intense emotions.

Listening to this song while going about our daily routines or engaging in activities adds an extra layer of depth and imagination to our experiences. Whether working, playing a game, or watching a football match, the enchanting sounds of “Sorcerer” can transport us to a different realm and evoke powerful emotions.

So, take a moment to immerse yourself in the magic of “Sorcerer” by Marilyn Martin – let the music guide you through the depths of longing and the allure of the unknown.

Album title: Streets of Fire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1984)


Release Date: May 29, 1984

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