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The Meaning Behind The Song: Small Town by Ryan Willis

The Meaning Behind The Song: Small Town by Ryan Willis

As a DJ, I often stumble upon hidden musical gems that captivate my soul. One such song that left a lasting impression on me is “Small Town” by Ryan Willis. I first heard this song on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while sipping coffee in a cozy café. Its haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply within me.

In “Small Town,” Ryan Willis beautifully expresses his experience of growing up in a small town. He paints a vivid picture of a place that may seem limited in its offerings, but holds tremendous significance to him. The lyrics, combined with Ryan’s soulful voice, create a sense of longing and acceptance, as he embraces the unique beauty of his surroundings.

VERSE 1 sets the stage by stating, “This small town’s small to me, but I know I’m not the only one.” Through this line, Ryan acknowledges that while his town may be small, there are others who share a similar experience. He acknowledges the sense of community that can be found in such places. Ryan further illustrates the simplicity of his hometown, with only a liquor store and mountains to climb for entertainment.

In the PRE-CHORUS 1, Ryan reminisces about seeking solace in the mountains, whether he was happy, sad, or mad. Holding a cigarette in his hand, he would watch the sun set and momentarily escape from the worries of life. This carefree attitude is reflected in his raw and honest lyrics, as he admits not really caring about what happens to him.

The CHORUS highlights the resilient spirit that resides within Ryan. He acknowledges that a small town may lack facilities and opportunities, but it won’t bring him down. Instead, he chooses to keep his head up, refusing to face the ground. Ryan attributes his happiness solely to his own determination.

VERSE 2 takes a slightly different turn, as Ryan acknowledges the bitter cold of the winter season in his small town. However, he also acknowledges that the lack of material possessions does not define his happiness. He describes using buckets full of water to cleanse himself, with wash clothes he purchased. Ryan’s realization that material things hold little value in comparison to personal growth and happiness becomes evident in these lyrics.

The PRE-CHORUS 2 further emphasizes Ryan’s contentment amidst challenging circumstances. He doesn’t care about his appearance or the worn-out clothes he wears. Holes in his shoes and a life far from his desired choices don’t deter him. Ryan embodies the spirit of resilience and finding joy in simplicity.

The BRIDGE is a poignant reflection on the significance of his past experiences. Ryan shares that without the struggles he faced, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. He appreciates the journey he endured and acknowledges its contribution to shaping him as an individual. Now, standing on the other side, he wants to sing and share his story with the world.

The CHORUS repeats, reinforcing the message that despite the limitations and potential hardships of a small town, it will not weigh him down. Ryan’s determination and refusal to let external circumstances define his happiness is evident throughout the song.

“Small Town” is a heartfelt anthem that reminds us to appreciate the simple joys in life and find happiness within ourselves. It beautifully captures the bittersweet essence of growing up in a small town and the resilience that comes with it. Ryan Willis speaks to the universal desire to find contentment, regardless of our surroundings, ultimately leaving us inspired and grateful for the little things that bring us joy.

The album “Small Town” was released on May 18, 2018, and is a testament to Ryan Willis’ ability to convey heartfelt emotions through his music. It is a must-listen for anyone seeking solace and inspiration in the power of simplicity.

So next time you find yourself longing for something more, remember Ryan Willis’ powerful message in “Small Town” and embrace the beauty that can be found right where you are.

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