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The Meaning Behind The Song: Slowly Surely (Live) by Jill Scott

The Meaning Behind The Song: Slowly Surely (Live) by Jill Scott


As a lover of soulful music, there are few artists that resonate with me as deeply as Jill Scott. Her soul-stirring lyrics and powerful vocals have the ability to transport listeners to a different dimension. One of her standout tracks, “Slowly Surely” (Live), encapsulates the essence of love, self-discovery, and the courage to walk away from toxic relationships. In this article, I will dive into the profound meaning behind the song and my personal connection to it.

Delving into the Lyrics

The lyrics to “Slowly Surely” (Live) are laced with introspection and personal growth. The chorus reflects the journey of distancing oneself from a love that has become desperate and dazed, trapped in a convoluted maze of emotions. Scott sings, “Slowly, surely I walk away from / That old desperate and dazed love / Caught up in the maze of love, that crazy craze of love.” It speaks to the realization that what was once thought to be good and real love was nothing but an illusion.

In the first verse, Scott expresses her confusion and uncertainty about where to go next. She sings, “I just don’t know / Where I should go, no no / I just don’t know know know know / Where I should go, no.” This resonates with anyone who has been caught in the crossroads of a deteriorating relationship, unsure of which path to take.

The following verse depicts the empowering act of walking away from a self-serving and undeserving love that constantly inflicts pain. Scott emphasizes the healing process by declaring, “Slowly, surely, I walk away from / Self-serving, undeserving, constantly hurting me love / Deserting me love.” The lyrics evoke a sense of liberation and self-preservation, urging listeners to prioritize their own well-being.

A Personal Connection

Listening to “Slowly Surely” (Live) takes me back to a time when I found myself in an unhealthy relationship. The emotional rollercoaster and feeling of being trapped in a love that no longer served me were emotions I could relate to on a profound level. This song became my anthem of courage and resilience, reminding me of the strength it takes to walk away from toxic relationships.

In moments of doubt and confusion, the lyrics, “I just don’t know know know know know / Where I should go, no,” echoed my own internal struggle. However, the empowering chorus and verses instilled in me the confidence to slowly, surely distance myself from a love that was causing more harm than good.


Jill Scott’s “Slowly Surely” (Live) is a powerful anthem for anyone who has been caught in the web of a toxic relationship. The song serves as a reminder that it is okay to prioritize our own well-being and walk away from love that no longer serves us. Through its introspective lyrics and soulful melody, “Slowly Surely” encourages listeners to embark on the journey of self-discovery, and find the strength to love and prioritize themselves.

In a world where love can sometimes be complicated and entangled, Jill Scott’s music has the ability to cut through the noise and remind us of the power within ourselves to navigate the complexities of relationships. “Slowly Surely” (Live) continues to resonate with listeners as a timeless anthem of self-love and growth.


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– Album Title: Experience: Jill Scott 826+ (2001)


  • Written By: Jill Scott, ?uestlove, Darren Henson, Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, J Dilla, Towa Tei, Bebel Gilberto & Don Thompson
  • Musical Director: Pete Kuzma
  • Production Coordinator: Herb Quarterman
  • Background Vocals: Vivian Green, Monique Harcum & Carol Riddick
  • Recording Engineer: Andre Houser
  • Mixing Engineer: Andre Houser
  • Mastering Engineer: Herb Powers & Pete Thomas (Engineer)
  • Label: Hidden Beach Recordings
  • Copyright ©: Hidden Beach Recordings
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗: Hidden Beach Recordings
  • Recorded At: D.A.R. Constitution Hall (Washington, D.C.)
  • Release Date: November 20, 2001
  • Samples: “Find a Way” by A Tribe Called Quest
  • Live Version Of: “Slowly Surely” by Jill Scott

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