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The Meaning Behind The Song: She Got It by Jai’Len Josey

The Meaning Behind The Song: She Got It by Jai’Len Josey

When I first heard the song “She Got It” by Jai’Len Josey, I was immediately captivated by its catchy melody and empowering lyrics. It’s a song that celebrates the beauty, confidence, and strength of a woman who knows her worth. Through its groovy beats and soulful vocals, “She Got It” exudes an infectious energy that resonates with listeners.

In the song’s intro, Jai’Len Josey reminisces about a precious moment with her child. The lyrics evoke a sense of innocence and joy as she describes her young child discovering the power of creating melodies. This intro sets the sentimental tone of the song, building a connection between the artist and her audience.

Verse 1

The lyrics of the first verse beautifully describe the physical attributes of the woman being celebrated. Jai’Len Josey compares her curves to cornbread and sweet potato pie, emphasizing her voluptuousness and natural beauty. The mention of peanut butter crying adds a touch of humor to the lyrics, showcasing the artist’s playfulness.

The verse also hints at the woman’s familial background, with the line “She probably got it from her mammy.” This suggests that her confidence and allure may be inherited from her family, making her beauty even more authentic and powerful.


The chorus of “She Got It” emphasizes the woman’s confidence and independence. Jai’Len Josey sings about how this woman’s table manners may not match her heels, highlighting her ability to blend sophistication with a touch of sass. The lyrics suggest that while she was raised right, she is unafraid to embrace her sensuality and work her assets.

The chorus also warns potential suitors that if they want to be with this woman, they better be ready to commit. It reinforces the idea that she knows her worth and expects nothing less than a genuine, respectful connection.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Jai’Len Josey paints a picture of the woman as a queen, exuding elegance and confidence from head to toe. The mention of her Atlanta roots and the ring around every man she knows hints at her desirability and the power she holds over others.

The lyrics imply that the woman is ambitious and focused on her financial stability, thanks to her upbringing. Her dedication to working hard and maintaining her appearance showcases her determination and drive. She is a symbol of success and beauty.


The bridge adds depth to the song by delving into the daily life and mindset of the woman being celebrated. It emphasizes her commitment to self-care and financial independence. The lyrics depict her dedication to staying fit, managing her responsibilities, and ensuring she always looks her best.

Through the bridge, Jai’Len Josey underscores the notion that this woman takes control of her life. She manages her bills, works hard, and invests time in herself while still thriving in her endeavors.


The outro wraps up the song by reiterating the woman’s innate confidence and allure. The repetition of “She got it, she got it, got it” reinforces her captivating nature, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. The final line, “One more good time for the children of Jericho,” leaves room for interpretation, showcasing the artist’s creativity and inviting the audience to reflect on their own experiences.

“She Got It” is a powerful anthem that celebrates the beauty and resilience of women. Through its relatable lyrics and infectious melody, Jai’Len Josey encapsulates the essence of a confident and independent woman who knows her worth. The song serves as a reminder to embrace one’s unique qualities and strive for self-empowerment.

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