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The Meaning Behind The Song: Set on Fire by MAGIC GIANT

The Meaning Behind The Song: Set on Fire by MAGIC GIANT

As a music teacher, I am constantly surrounded by different genres and artists, each with their own unique sounds and lyrics. One song that has always stood out to me is “Set on Fire” by MAGIC GIANT. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house and being captivated by its powerful message and catchy tune.

The lyrics of “Set on Fire” are beautifully poetic, painting a picture of a tumultuous relationship filled with passion and destruction. The first verse sets the stage, describing the bittersweet nature of love that leaves a stain like rain. It speaks of the power struggle in the heart, where the blame cannot be torn apart.

The pre-chorus takes a twist, shedding light on the irony of the situation. The word “hello” is used as a facade for a sweet goodbye. It suggests that sometimes, we use niceties to mask the pain and avoid shedding tears.

The chorus is the heart of the song, asking a powerful question: “Which one of us set on fire? Cause we both went up in smoke.” It portrays a relationship that has been consumed by flames and offers no escape. The mention of cutting the wire adds another layer of symbolism, suggesting that there is no bottom to the hole the characters find themselves in.

In the second verse, the lyrics take a more introspective turn. The coward who burned the page rose from the flames, indicating a transformation or rebirth. It speaks of flowers tossed to the wind, signifying the start of a new chapter.

The bridge brings a sense of hope and unity. It poses the question “Would you save me?” and offers the response “And I’ll save you. We can save ourselves.” It emphasizes the importance of mutual support and the potential for growth and change within a troubled relationship.

Returning to the chorus, the lyrics once again emphasize the destructive nature of the relationship, while also highlighting the absence of a way out. The repetition of the lines drives home the desperation and entrapment felt by the characters.

“Set on Fire” is a part of MAGIC GIANT’s album titled “In The Wind,” released in 2017. The album explores themes of love, growth, and self-reflection, with each song contributing to the overall narrative.

In terms of additional information, it is worth noting that the song features additional vocals by James the Human and Ian Meltzer. Their contributions add depth and harmonies to the already powerful track.

Overall, “Set on Fire” by MAGIC GIANT is a song that resonates deeply with me. Its relatable lyrics and passionate delivery make it a standout in my music collection. It serves as a reminder of the complexities of love and the need for self-reflection in our relationships. So, the next time you find yourself in a fiery situation, remember the words of this song and strive to save yourself and those around you.

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