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The Meaning Behind The Song: Secret by Zara Larsson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Secret by Zara Larsson


I remember stumbling upon Zara Larsson’s song “Secret” at a friend’s house. I was captivated when I heard it for the first time. The lyrics and melody immediately drew me in, and I could feel the emotions pouring out of the song. As a Music Technician, I am always intrigued by the deeper meaning behind the songs I listen to. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind Zara Larsson’s “Secret” and analyze the lyrics to uncover its hidden messages.

Verse 1

The song starts with the lines, “Messy hair, wide eyes, Bored herself, symbolized.” These lyrics paint a picture of a woman who is feeling restless and trapped in her current situation. She is described as a cocktail waitress, someone who goes to work and then returns home, not knowing anything beyond this routine.

Pre-Chorus 1

In the pre-chorus, we learn that she lives alone and often disconnects from the world by turning off her phone. This isolation is a way for her to lock herself away from the outside world and escape her reality. She holds onto a secret, something that brings her a sense of solace and makes her feel alive.


The chorus repeats the word “alive” multiple times, emphasizing the importance of this secret in the woman’s life. It is the only thing that truly makes her feel alive amidst the monotony of her daily routine.

Verse 2

The second verse continues to portray the woman’s life as a cocktail waitress. Despite her job, she manages to maintain a level of professionalism by bringing the check and getting paid. However, deep down, she is still yearning for something more.

Pre-Chorus 2

This part of the song highlights the woman’s determination to set off on her own journey and forget about everything else. By turning off her phone, she chooses to focus on herself and what truly makes her happy, leaving behind everything that weighs her down.


The bridge paints a vivid picture of the woman walking over creaky floors, with the city pounding at her door. Despite the distractions and pressures from the outside world, she is determined to keep her secret hidden. It is something precious to her, a source of comfort that she doesn’t want to share with anyone else.


Zara Larsson’s “Secret” is a powerful song that delves into the emotions of a woman seeking something more in life. The lyrics depict a sense of isolation, routine, and the importance of holding onto a secret that brings her joy and vitality. As listeners, we can relate to the desire for a secret escape, a hidden source of happiness amidst the chaos of the world. “Secret” beautifully encapsulates this sentiment and serves as a reminder to find our own secrets, hidden treasures that make us feel alive.


Written By: Grace Tither, Benjamin Johansson, Simon Hassle & Elina Stridh

Published By: B-Unique Publishing & Telescope Music Publishing

Mixing Engineer: Adel Dahdal

Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer

Release Date: October 1, 2014

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