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The Meaning Behind The Song: Say What You Feel by Jagwar Ma

The Meaning Behind The Song: Say What You Feel by Jagwar Ma

When I first heard the song “Say What You Feel” by Jagwar Ma, I was immediately drawn to its infectious beats and catchy melodies. But as I delved deeper into the lyrics, I realized that there was much more to this song than just its captivating sound. It had a profound meaning hidden beneath its surface.

Opening Up and Honesty

The lyrics of “Say What You Feel” speak volumes about the importance of honesty and openness in relationships. The song urges the listener to wait up and not hide behind little lies, but instead to be honest and true. It emphasizes the need to believe in oneself, to trust what one feels even if it may seem difficult or uncomfortable to express.

The lines “Can we be real? Just say what you feel” serve as a powerful reminder that being genuine with our emotions is crucial for creating meaningful connections with others. It encourages us to open up and express ourselves without fear of judgment or rejection.

The Desire for Connection

Another significant aspect of “Say What You Feel” is the yearning for a deep connection with someone. The lyrics describe waking up and hoping for someone to be lying next to you, someone who is wanted and dreamed of. This desire for companionship and love resonates with many listeners who long for a profound emotional bond.

The repetition of the line “I gotta have you baby” emphasizes the intensity of this desire and the longing to be truly seen and understood by another person. It reflects the universal human need for intimacy and connection.

Avoiding Pride and Making Amends

The song also touches upon the detrimental effects of pride in relationships. The lyrics state that pride has no place in the room where emotional vulnerability and honesty are required. It reminds us that letting go of our ego can lead to reconciliation and healing.

Furthermore, the lines “You wake up and try to make amends of what you had” portray a sense of regret and a willingness to make things right. It suggests that acknowledging our mistakes and taking responsibility for them is essential for repairing broken relationships.

Personal Reflections

Personally, “Say What You Feel” has resonated with me in various ways. It has reminded me of the importance of being authentic in my interactions with others, especially in romantic relationships. It has encouraged me to take the leap and express my true feelings rather than burying them beneath layers of fear or societal expectations.

Furthermore, the song has deeply touched my heart with its depiction of the yearning for connection. It has reminded me of my own desires for a meaningful relationship and has awakened a sense of hope within me.

In conclusion, “Say What You Feel” by Jagwar Ma is not just a catchy tune, but a powerful song that conveys significant messages about honesty, openness, and the human longing for connection. It serves as a reminder to be true to ourselves and to express our emotions without fear. So, let us all embrace the meaning behind this song and strive for authentic and genuine relationships.

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