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The Meaning Behind The Song: Salt To Sugar by Jade Jackson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Salt To Sugar by Jade Jackson


Salt To Sugar, a soulful track from Jade Jackson’s album Gilded (2017), offers a heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the struggle to move on. The lyrics poetically express the desire to transform pain into something sweet. Let’s delve deeper into the meaning behind this emotionally charged song.

Verse 1 and 2: Struggling with Heartbreak

The opening lines of “Wish I could turn salt to sugar, in the tears that are flooding my face” capture the longing to transform the bitterness of heartbreak into something more palatable. The tears that flow illustrate the overwhelming emotions experienced after a breakup. By turning the tears into sugar, the hope is to find solace and sweetness in the midst of sadness.

The second verse speaks to the inability to give someone blessings when one is lacking them. It highlights the paradoxical nature of emotional turmoil, where the desire to offer goodwill is hindered by personal pain. The line “Sat down did sorrow beside me, for blessed are the things that we lack” suggests that sometimes experiencing hardship can bring an unexpected understanding and appreciation for what we lack.

Chorus: Feeling Stuck

The chorus of Salt To Sugar encapsulates a sense of being trapped and unable to escape the pain. The lyrics “And I can’t go back, I’ve gone too far, got in a wreck and totaled my car” metaphorically represent the point of no return. It conveys the idea that the damage has been done, and there is no easy way to undo the past.

The line “The rails on the bridge were a little too strong” further emphasizes the feeling of being held captive by circumstances. It suggests that the barriers preventing progress or moving forward are difficult to overcome, much like strong rails on a bridge.

Verse 3 and 4: Seeking Forgiveness and Struggling with Acceptance

Jade Jackson explores the theme of forgiveness in verse 3. The narration suggests that a higher power advises forgiveness for the person who took away their loved one. However, the songwriter confesses the internal struggle of secretly wishing the demons, or negative emotions, to stay. This internal conflict demonstrates the complexity of letting go and finding closure.

The final verse delves into the progression of pain and the intangible nature of grief. The lyrics “Soon pain was only progressing, and like smoke you can see but can’t grasp” liken the pain to smoke, which is visible but elusive. Despite the progress in coping with the loss, there is a lingering fear that the person will never return.


Salt To Sugar by Jade Jackson is a song that delves deep into the emotions surrounding heartbreak, forgiveness, and the struggle to move on. Through poetic lyrics, the song encapsulates the desire to transform pain into something sweeter while acknowledging the challenges and barriers faced in the process. It is a raw and honest portrayal of the complexities inherent in the aftermath of a broken relationship.

Personal Experience:

Personally, Salt To Sugar resonates deeply with me. It captures the inner turmoil one experiences when trying to reconcile conflicting emotions after a breakup. The longing to transform heartache into something positive resonates with my own journey of healing. This song serves as a reminder that sometimes pain can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.

Overall, Salt To Sugar is a poignant and profound song that offers solace to those who have experienced heartbreak. Its lyrical expression and heartfelt delivery make it a standout track in Jade Jackson’s discography.

Album title: Gilded (2017)


Release Date: May 19, 2017

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