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The Meaning Behind The Song: Rose Tinted Glasses by James TW

The Meaning Behind The Song: Rose Tinted Glasses by James TW


I recently stumbled upon the song “Rose Tinted Glasses” by James TW, and it instantly resonated with me. The lyrics and melody beautifully capture the complexities of a romantic relationship, shedding light on the concept of wearing rose-tinted glasses when it comes to love. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song and how it reflects the realities of relationships.

Verse 1

The song opens with a reflection on a past relationship. The protagonist acknowledges that despite no longer being together, there is still some communication between them, albeit civil. They emphasize the peculiarity of reconnecting with someone they once loved, realizing how time has flown by since then. The line “Remember the good times, a little differently” suggests that the memories have been distorted by the rosy lenses they once wore.

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

In the pre-chorus, James TW questions whether the relationship was truly as amazing as they initially believed. The line “And the whole time we were looking through” highlights how they were viewing their relationship through rose-tinted glasses, only seeing the positive aspects while disregarding any negative realities.

The chorus further delves into the concept of rose-tinted glasses. The protagonist admits that they were blinded by their love, believing they were happy even during their worst moments. However, with hindsight, they now understand why the relationship ultimately failed. The line “Without rose-tinted glasses, I can see why we weren’t meant to be” emphasizes the clarity that comes from removing these idealized perceptions.

Verse 2

The second verse delves into the couple’s tendency to bury their problems and pretend that everything was fine. The protagonist mentions how they would watch TV in silence, agreeing with their partner’s perspective even when they didn’t truly feel the same way. They believed that their flaws were hidden from their friends, but in hindsight, they wished they had heeded their friends’ attempts to help.

Bridge and Final Chorus

The bridge explores the realization that something was missing in the relationship. Both partners knew deep down that their connection was incomplete, but they failed to address it. The line “Maybe that’s why” hints at the missed opportunity to uncover the truth behind their discontent.

The final chorus reinforces the idea of wearing rose-tinted glasses. The protagonists acknowledge that they both claimed to be blinded by their love, believing it brought them happiness, even in their lowest moments. However, looking back, they now comprehend why they were not meant to be together. The repetition of the lines “See why we weren’t meant to be” further emphasizes their newfound understanding.

Personal Reflection

Listening to “Rose Tinted Glasses” evoked a wave of emotions as it reminded me of my past relationships. I, too, have experienced moments where the illusions of love clouded my judgment and obscured the realities of my partnerships. In retrospect, I realize the importance of acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects of a relationship without romanticizing or suppressing the truth.

In conclusion, “Rose Tinted Glasses” by James TW offers a profound reflection on the illusions we create in love. The song captures the struggle to maintain objectivity and recognize when a relationship is not meant to be. It serves as a reminder to remove our rose-tinted glasses and view love through a clear and honest lens.

Album title: Heartbeat Changes (Part 1) – EP (2021)


Written By

Laura Welsh & James TW

Release Date: September 17, 2021

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