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The Meaning Behind The Song: Rescue by Jared Anderson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Rescue by Jared Anderson


Music has a unique way of touching our hearts and souls, resonating with us on a deeper level. One such song that has had a profound impact on my life is “Rescue” by Jared Anderson. This powerful song speaks to the core of our human experiences and reflects the deep longing we all have for a Savior.

The Lyrics: A Cry for Help

“Rescue” begins with the lines, “You are the source of life, I can’t be left behind, No one else will do, I will take hold of You.” These opening lyrics highlight our desperate need for something greater than ourselves, something that can rescue us from the challenges and struggles of life. It acknowledges that only Jesus can fulfill this role.

As we delve further into the song, we encounter the chorus, which goes, “I need You Jesus to come to my rescue, Where else can I go? There’s no other name by which I am saved, Capture me with grace, I will follow You.” Here, the singer expresses a deep yearning for Jesus to intervene and save them from their circumstances. It serves as a reminder that Jesus is the only refuge and salvation we need.

Continuing with the message of surrender and trust, the lyrics proclaim, “My heart is yours for life, I need your hand in mine, No one else will do, I put my trust in you.” This beautiful declaration highlights the singer’s willingness to surrender their life to Jesus and rely on His guidance and comfort. It speaks to the universal desire to find purpose and security in a higher power.

A Personal Connection

Listening to “Rescue” has been an incredibly personal experience for me. It has become a lifeline during times of hardship, reminding me that I am not alone in my struggles. As I sing along to the lyrics, I feel a sense of surrender and peace, knowing that Jesus is always there to rescue me.

The repeated line, “This world has nothing for me,” resonates deeply with my own journey. It serves as a powerful reminder that the temporal pleasures and pursuits of this world can never truly satisfy our souls. It prompts us to seek a deeper connection with Jesus, who offers eternal fulfillment.

Album Details

“Rescue” is featured in Jared Anderson’s album titled “Where to Begin,” released in 2006. This album is filled with heartfelt worship songs that explore themes of surrender, redemption, and divine love, making it a perfect companion for those seeking spiritual inspiration.


“Rescue” by Jared Anderson is a song that touches the depths of our souls, inviting us to surrender our lives to Jesus and trust Him to be our rescuer. Its lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the longing for something greater than themselves. Whether we find solace in singing it during times of pain or in moments of celebration, “Rescue” reminds us that Jesus is our ultimate source of hope, salvation, and unconditional love.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a reminder that you are not alone and that there is a Savior who can come to your rescue, listen to “Rescue” by Jared Anderson and let its powerful message wash over you.

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