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The Meaning Behind The Song: Repeat Until Death by Novo Amor

The Meaning Behind The Song: Repeat Until Death by Novo Amor


I first heard the song “Repeat Until Death” by Novo Amor on a rainy afternoon while scrolling through a playlist at a friend’s house. Instantly, I was captivated by the hauntingly beautiful melody and the heartfelt lyrics. As a music technician, I am always intrigued by the deeper meanings behind songs, and “Repeat Until Death” is no exception. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind this powerful track and shed light on its significance in Novo Amor’s discography.

The Song Lyrics

Novo Amor begins the song with the lyrics: “Low, a part of me now. A palm to my mouth. I said it, almost.” These lines evoke a sense of vulnerability and hesitation. The narrator seems to be grappling with their emotions, searching for the right words to express their feelings.

In the chorus, Novo Amor sings, “Oh, I’ve been low, but damn it, I bet it don’t show. It was heaven a moment ago. Oh, I had it, almost. We had it, almost.” These lines reflect feelings of longing and nostalgia for a past relationship or moment. There is a sense of regret and a recognition that something beautiful was within reach but slipped away.

The second verse reveals the line, “Don’t go, you’re half of me now. But I’m hardly stood proud. I said it, almost.” Here, the narrator pleads for their partner to stay, acknowledging their deep connection. However, there is still a lingering sense of insecurity in the relationship.

In the final chorus, Novo Amor sings, “Oh, I can’t seem to let myself leave you. But I can’t breathe anymore. Oh, I can’t seem to not need to need you. And I can’t breathe anymore.” These lines depict a tumultuous and suffocating love. The narrator is torn between their desire to hold on to the relationship and the toll it is taking on their well-being.

The Emotional Impact

When I first listened to “Repeat Until Death,” I found myself being swept away by the emotional intensity of the song. Novo Amor’s ethereal vocals combined with the delicate instrumentation created a melancholic atmosphere that resonated deeply with me.

The lyrics explore the complexities of love and the pain that can come with it. The feelings of almost grasping happiness but ultimately falling short are relatable to anyone who has experienced the heartache of a failed relationship or missed opportunity. The raw vulnerability expressed in the song allows listeners to connect with their own experiences of love and loss.


“Repeat Until Death” by Novo Amor is a mesmerizing song that dives into the depths of human emotion. Through its poignant lyrics and haunting melody, it captures the bittersweet essence of love and the longing for what could have been. As a music technician, I appreciate how Novo Amor artfully crafts the song to evoke a range of emotions, making it a standout track in their discography.

Whether you are going through a heartbreak or simply searching for a song that captures the complexities of love, “Repeat Until Death” is a track that will resonate with you. Its depth and vulnerability will leave a lasting impact, reminding us that even in the pain, there is beauty to be found.

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