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The Meaning Behind The Song: Really Meant by JAWNY

The Meaning Behind The Song: Really Meant by JAWNY


As a devoted fan of JAWNY, his song “Really Meant” holds a special place in my heart. Released as part of his Big Dogs EP in 2018, this track captivated me with its raw emotions and relatable lyrics. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song, sharing my personal experiences and interpretation of its message.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Really Meant” beautifully encapsulate the tumultuous nature of relationships, particularly when it comes to expressing our emotions. The artist sings, “I don’t know the reason for it, explanations, texts ignoring, I get drunk, my mind is soaring, it’s soaring.” These lines reflect the frustration and confusion that can arise when our attempts to communicate our feelings fall short.

The chorus repeats the line “I really meant that I loved ya, I meant it that I loved ya,” emphasizing the significance of sincerity and conveying the desire to be taken seriously in matters of the heart. It’s a declaration that resonates deeply with anyone who has struggled to express their true emotions.


For me, “Really Meant” represents the complexities of love and the importance of genuine communication. The artist’s admission that his words may seem “slurred and portioned” suggests a fear of not being understood or being dismissed. This vulnerability speaks to the universal fear of not being heard or acknowledged in our relationships.

Furthermore, the alcohol reference in the lyrics illustrates the artist’s longing to escape the confines of his mind and let his true feelings flow. It suggests that sometimes, inhibitions can hinder us from expressing ourselves authentically.

My Personal Connection

This song resonates with me personally because it reflects a time in my life when I struggled to articulate my true feelings to someone I deeply cared for. I remember the frustration of not finding the right words, the fear of being misunderstood, and the longing to be taken seriously.

Listening to “Really Meant” during that period provided solace, as it reminded me that I wasn’t alone in my journey of navigating the complexities of love and communication. JAWNY’s heartfelt expression in this song helped me realize that everyone experiences challenges in expressing themselves, and it’s okay to stumble along the way.


JAWNY’s “Really Meant” is a song that speaks to the universal struggle of expressing genuine emotions and the fear of not being understood. Its relatable lyrics and heartfelt vocals make it a powerful anthem for those navigating the complexities of love and relationships. Through this song, JAWNY reminds us that it’s okay to stumble and struggle with our words, as long as we stay true to our feelings and intentions.

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