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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ready for Dem by Naughty By Nature

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Ready for Dem” by Naughty By Nature


As a Music Technician, I have had the pleasure of exploring numerous songs and diving deep into their meaning and significance. However, there are always a few songs that stand out from the rest, leaving a lasting impression on us. One such song that has held a special place in my heart is “Ready for Dem” by Naughty By Nature. In this article, I will explore the lyrics of this song and share the additional information about its production and release.

Discovery and First Impressions

I first heard this infectious track “Ready for Dem” at a friend’s house during a casual jamming session. From the moment the song started playing, I was captivated by its energy and the raw talent of Naughty By Nature. The powerful lyrics, the catchy beats, and the remarkable flow of the rappers made me an instant fan.

The Lyrics

“Ready for Dem” starts with the chorus, which sets the tone for the entire song. It talks about being ready for anyone who challenges them, but the other party is not prepared for what Naughty By Nature brings to the table. They confidently assert their dominance and talent.

The first verse, delivered by Heavy D, introduces him as the man who is admired and loved. He speaks of his experiences in the gritty city, highlighting his confidence and ability to navigate through the challenges. Heavy D asserts his authenticity and loyalty to his roots, making it clear that he has maintained his street credibility despite his mainstream success.

Treach takes over in the second verse and presents himself as a force to be reckoned with. He boasts of his ability to outshine his competition and warns them not to underestimate him. Treach’s lyrics are clever and filled with wordplay, showcasing his lyrical prowess and his role as the driving force behind Naughty By Nature’s success.

In the third verse, Heavy D re-emerges, flexing his skills and declaring his financial stability. He emphasizes his longevity in the game and his ability to remain cool under pressure. Heavy D’s smooth flow and charismatic delivery make him an integral part of the song.

The fourth verse, delivered by Treach, continues the theme of domination and highlights his ability to outshine others in the rap game. He uses witty wordplay and metaphors to assert his superiority. Treach’s aggressive and energetic flow keeps the momentum of the song alive.

For the fifth verse, Heavy D takes over again, using expressive imagery and clever wordplay. He challenges those who don’t respect him and confidently maintains his position as a dominant figure in the rap industry. Heavy D’s charisma and lyrical dexterity shine brightly in this verse.

The song culminates with a final verse, where Treach and Heavy D join forces. They continue to assert their dominance and dismiss any competition that dares to challenge them. The seamless collaboration between the two rappers adds a layer of unity and solidarity to the song.

Additional Information

“Ready for Dem” is featured on Naughty By Nature’s album titled “19 Naughty III,” which was released in 1993. The song features Heavy D, adding another layer of talent to an already remarkable track.

The song was produced by Kay Gee, who was known for his exceptional production skills and his ability to create infectious beats. The combination of Kay Gee’s production and Naughty By Nature’s lyrical prowess resulted in a timeless hit.

It’s worth noting that “Ready for Dem” samples the song “Action” by Orange Krush. Naughty By Nature expertly blends the sampled elements with their own unique style, creating a fresh and dynamic sound.


“Ready for Dem” by Naughty By Nature is an iconic rap song that has stood the test of time. Its energetic beats, skillful rhymes, and powerful lyrics make it a standout track in the rap genre. The song showcases the immense talent of Naughty By Nature and their ability to captivate listeners with their raw and authentic approach to music. “Ready for Dem” exemplifies the spirit and confidence of the rap industry, making it a must-listen for any hip-hop enthusiast.

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