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The Meaning Behind The Song: Quiet Things by Mickey Gran Estez

The Meaning Behind The Song: Quiet Things by Mickey Gran Estez


I am listening to the song “Quiet Things” by Mickey Gran Estez as I write this article. This song has a deep meaning and resonates with me on a personal level. The lyrics beautifully capture the artist’s experiences and emotions, and I can’t help but connect with the powerful messages conveyed through the song.

Verse 1

The first verse of “Quiet Things” delves into the artist’s contemplation about why he can’t let things be. He muses over the sorrows he feels for the dead, comparing them to the depth of the sea. The lyrics also depict the artist’s experiences growing up in a city where violence is prevalent and people boast about their ability to escape it. Despite this, Mickey Gran Estez expresses his desire to rise above the circumstances and capture the bigger picture. He acknowledges the advice given to him by Greg, urging him not to complicate things and avoid future regrets. The artist emphasizes the importance of his son, Mikai, in his life and his mission to better himself. He recognizes the need to distance himself from negativity and pays respect to the universe’s vastness.

Verse 2

The second verse of the song touches on themes of mortality, identity, and fame. Mickey Gran Estez reflects on the transient nature of life, as he sees souls come and go. He criticizes those who strive to become notorious gangsters instead of embracing their true selves. The lyrics also shed light on the artist’s own experiences with fame and the pressure it brings. He highlights the dangers of seeking fame at any cost, likening it to a destructive addiction. The artist’s connections with people and his personal struggles are expressed through vivid imagery. He acknowledges the complexities of his past relationships but ultimately aims to rise above them. Mickey Gran Estez concludes the verse by asserting his desire to connect with his listeners and engage in a dialogue through his music.

Verse 3

In the final verse, Mickey Gran Estez discusses his love for the West and the challenges that come with it. He speaks about the harsh realities of living in a neighborhood where violence is a constant threat. The lyrics portray the artist’s determination to overcome these hardships and pursue financial success. He dismisses the importance of material possessions and focuses on building his own legacy. Mickey Gran Estez acknowledges the influence of his family and close friends, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and genuine connections. The verse concludes with a reflection on the concept of freedom and the artist’s desire to break free from societal constraints.


“Quiet Things” by Mickey Gran Estez is not just a song, but a heartfelt expression of the artist’s personal experiences and perspectives. Through poetic lyrics, Mickey Gran Estez navigates various themes such as identity, fame, and the pursuit of a higher purpose. The song resonates with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own lives and the world around them. “Quiet Things” is a testament to the power of music in conveying deep emotions and provoking thought.

**Album title: SmokeBreak**

– Release Date: January 19, 2014

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