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The Meaning Behind The Song: Qué Va by Javier Solís

The Meaning Behind The Song: Qué Va by Javier Solís


I have always been captivated by the power of music to convey emotions and tell stories. As a music enthusiast, I often find myself digging deeper into the meaning behind the lyrics of songs that resonate with me. One such song that has left a lasting impression on me is “Qué Va” by the legendary Mexican singer, Javier Solís. In this article, I will explore the profound meaning behind this beautiful composition and share how it has touched my own heart.

The Lyrics and Their Significance

Que te deje yo qué va
Si te estoy queriendo tanto
En tus ojos hay dulzura
Y en tus besos la ternura
Que me llena de ilusión

Me aconsejan sin razón
Que ya deje de quererte
Que no tienes corazón
Y que un día sin compasión
Con engaños tú te irás

Que te deje yo qué va
Es que envidian nuestro amor
Que haga caso yo qué va
Me critican con ardor

Con tus besos viviré
En un mundo de ilusiones
Latirán dos corazones
Bajo un cielo de ilusiones
Cobijando nuestro amor

Que te deje yo qué va
Es que envidian nuestro amor
Que haga caso yo qué va
Me critican con ardor

The lyrics of “Qué Va” beautifully express the depth of love and devotion the singer has for their significant other. The phrase “Que te deje yo qué va” translates to “What if I leave you? No way.” Here, the singer emphatically rejects the mere suggestion of leaving their loved one, highlighting the strength and intensity of their feelings.

In the following lines, Solís acknowledges the advice he receives from others, who urge him to stop loving his partner. However, he dismisses their unfounded opinions, emphasizing that their criticism stems from envy. By doing so, the singer not only defends his own emotions but also shows the resilience in preserving the love they share.

The chorus is particularly impactful in conveying the depth of emotions experienced by the singer. With the words “Con tus besos viviré, en un mundo de ilusiones” (“I will live with your kisses, in a world of illusions”), Solís encapsulates the transformative power of love. He goes on to mention that under a sky of illusions, their love will thrive, with two hearts beating as one.

Perspectives and Personal Connection

Listening to “Qué Va” reminds me of the intense and passionate love that exists between two people. The song resonates with my personal experiences as it encapsulates the determination to hold onto love despite external pressures. It serves as a reminder that doubters and critics should not dictate the course of true love.

Moreover, through this song, I have been able to appreciate the rich music culture of Mexico and the beautiful artistry of Javier Solís. Solís, a renowned figure in Latin American music, uses his soulful voice and emotive delivery to convey the profound emotions embedded within the lyrics. The combination of Solís’ performance and the poetic depth of the song creates a truly touching experience for the listener.

In conclusion, “Qué Va” by Javier Solís is a song that encapsulates profound meaning and emotions. Through its lyrics, Solís conveys the unyielding love and resilience in the face of external criticism. The song has touched my heart and allowed me to reflect on the power of love and the importance of staying true to one’s feelings. It is a testament to the beauty and depth of music that can transcend language barriers and touch the souls of listeners around the world.

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