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The Meaning Behind The Song: Qué Dirá El Santo Padre by Violeta Parra

The Meaning Behind The Song: Qué Dirá El Santo Padre by Violeta Parra

As a Music Technician, I am constantly exploring and discovering different songs and artists. One song that has always resonated with me is “Qué Dirá El Santo Padre” by Violeta Parra. I first heard this song on a rainy afternoon, and I remember being captivated by its powerful lyrics and haunting melody.

“Qué Dirá El Santo Padre” is a song from Violeta Parra’s album titled “Un Río De Sangre” released in 1974. The song addresses themes of oppression, injustice, and the abuse of power. Parra criticizes the hypocrisy of those who claim to preach freedom and tranquility while actively suppressing and tormenting the people. The lyrics question what the Holy Father, who resides in Rome, would say about the violence and injustice being perpetrated against the innocent.

The song’s lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking. They delve into the dark side of society, shedding light on the harsh realities often masked by false promises and propaganda. Parra’s lyrical prowess is evident in every verse, as she paints a vivid image of the oppression and violence that persists in the world.

The first verse talks about how freedom is often denied to us, despite being preached about so frequently. Parra highlights the contradiction between the concept of freedom and the reality of those who govern. The second verse touches on the illusion of paradise, which is shattered by the rain of bullets and the destruction caused by those in power. It questions the enthusiasm shown towards the sentencing and killing of innocent people.

In the third verse, Parra criticizes those who carry out death as if they were executioners. She points out the irony of their calm demeanor while casually having breakfast, knowing they are responsible for the bloodshed and the death of people like Julián Grimau. The fourth and final verse emphasizes the strength of Parra’s spirit in the face of injustice. She believes that the more injustice she witnesses, the more strength she finds to sing and raise awareness. She also highlights the violation of the sixth commandment, which does not bear any seal of approval.

Violeta Parra’s “Qué Dirá El Santo Padre” is a poignant song that forces us to reflect on the state of our society and the role of those in power. The lyrics question the silence and inaction of the Holy Father in the face of such atrocities. Parra’s ability to convey her message through her soul-stirring music and lyrical brilliance is truly remarkable.

Personally, I was deeply moved by “Qué Dirá El Santo Padre” upon first listening. The passion in Parra’s voice, combined with the raw emotions embedded in the lyrics, left a lasting impact on me. It served as a reminder that music has the power to transcend borders and languages, connecting us all through shared experiences and emotions. It also made me appreciate the importance of using music as a platform for social commentary and raising awareness about pressing issues.

In conclusion, “Qué Dirá El Santo Padre” by Violeta Parra is a song that confronts the hypocrisy of those in power and highlights the struggles faced by the oppressed. Its powerful lyrics and haunting melody serve as a reminder of the importance of speaking up against injustice. This song, along with the rest of Violeta Parra’s discography, continues to inspire and move listeners, making her an iconic figure in the realm of folk music.

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