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The Meaning Behind The Song: ​purple circles by Jades Goudreault

The Meaning Behind The Song: ​”purple circles” by Jades Goudreault

When I first heard the song “purple circles” by Jades Goudreault, I was immediately drawn to its introspective and relatable lyrics. The track, which serves as a bonus track on the album “Motel 6” released in 2021, delves into the artist’s thoughts and emotions, unraveling their experiences with loneliness and the search for inner peace.

An Artistic Expression of Loneliness

The opening lines of the song set the introspective tone, with Jades Goudreault expressing how they constantly see the stars, symbolizing a sense of wonder, but struggle to control their thoughts when they feel overwhelmed. The lyrics suggest that this constant battle of racing thoughts is a lonely journey, but one that they embrace as part of their artistic expression. The line, “It’s lonely but it’s art and I guess that I’ll be fine,” encapsulates the artist’s mindset of finding solace and purpose in their art, even if it means enduring moments of isolation.

The Allure of the Night

The second verse of the song adds another layer to the emotions conveyed, as Jades Goudreault juxtaposes the general perception of fear associated with the night with their personal view of tranquility. While others find the night scary, the artist finds it calming. The lyrics express a longing to experience fear in order to find comfort and a sense of belonging. This contrast highlights the artist’s unique perspective on life and their yearning for a different emotional experience.

The Relentless Mind

The recurring theme of circles in the song’s chorus and outro emphasizes the cyclical nature of thoughts and emotions. The artist explores the idea of being trapped in a perpetual loop of self-reflection, feeling the weight of their thoughts. The repeated use of the color purple, known for its associations with creativity and introspection, further reinforces the theme of self-exploration and the artist’s deep dive into their innermost feelings.

Seeking Rest and Guidance

The bridge of the song brings forth a sense of curiosity and a desire for solace. Jades Goudreault wonders what would happen if they talked to the stars, fantasizing that they might receive guidance and be told to rest. This captures the artist’s longing for a solution to their restless mind, indicating a willingness to seek external sources of support and inspiration.

Overall, “purple circles” by Jades Goudreault is a deeply personal and introspective song, delving into the artist’s emotions and experiences. Through its relatable lyrics and serene melodies, the song takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection, highlighting the artist’s search for peace and understanding.

**Tags:** Pop, Chill, Alternative Pop


Produced By: House of Wolf

Written By: Pierre Blondo & Jades Goudreault

Release Date: June 12, 2020

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