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The Meaning Behind The Song: Prey​/​Hunter by Minuit Machine

The Meaning Behind The Song: Prey​/​Hunter by Minuit Machine


I am listening to the song “Prey​/​Hunter” by Minuit Machine while writing this article. Music has always been a powerful medium for expressing emotions, and this particular song deeply resonates with me. Its lyrics and haunting melody create a captivating atmosphere that draws you in and leaves a lasting impact. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the song and analyze its lyrics.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Prey​/​Hunter” convey a sense of isolation and the struggle for acceptance. The song begins with the protagonist being labeled as weak, mental, and sick. They are referred to as a shadow, emphasizing their invisibility and insignificance in the eyes of others. The lines “I can see you’ll never understand, I can see you’ll never care” reflect the protagonist’s realization that they will never be understood or acknowledged by those around them.

The lyrics continue to delve into the protagonist’s feelings of being an outsider. They express the certainty that they will always be a stranger, never gaining the respect or acceptance of others. The repeated line “I’ll always be the odd one out” emphasizes the loneliness and alienation experienced by the protagonist.

As the song progresses, it takes a darker turn. The lyrics reveal a transformation from prey to hunter. The protagonist becomes the perpetrator, seeking revenge against those who have wronged them. The lines “Now you’ll never speak again, I’m the last face you will see and remember” paint a chilling picture of vengeance. The protagonist is driven to commit violent acts, blaming their transformation on the actions of others.

In the final lines of the song, there is a shift in tone. The protagonist questions if the perpetrator truly knows who they have become. The repeated line “Do you know who I am now” reflects a desire for their actions to be fully recognized and understood by those they have targeted. The song ends on an empowering note, with the proclamation “I am free at last,” suggesting a liberation from the shackles of society’s expectations.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Prey​/​Hunter” evokes a range of emotions within me. It reminds me of moments in my life when I have felt misunderstood or judged. The raw and intense lyrics resonate with the struggles I have faced, urging me to confront my own demons and regain control over my life.

I find solace in the empowerment conveyed in the later part of the song. It serves as a reminder that I have the strength to overcome adversity and break free from societal constraints. The song’s haunting melody further enhances these emotions, guiding me through a journey of self-reflection and liberation.


“Prey​/​Hunter” by Minuit Machine is a powerful song that delves into themes of isolation, revenge, and self-empowerment. Its lyrics evoke a range of emotions, drawing listeners into a world of personal struggles and triumphs. Through its haunting melody and thought-provoking lyrics, the song resonates with individuals who have experienced feelings of alienation and seek liberation from societal expectations.

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