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The Meaning Behind The Song: Power by Jahaziel

The Meaning Behind The Song: Power by Jahaziel


I have always found solace and inspiration in music, especially the ones that carry deep meaning and powerful messages. One such song that has touched my heart is “Power” by Jahaziel. This article aims to delve into the lyrics of the song and unravel the profound meaning behind it.

Verse 1: Embracing God’s Word

“They wanna know who that / somebody tell em it’s that London boy who spits lyrics with abundant joy / but better move back / if you don’t mind catching the noise ’cause God’s word never comes back void / you can’t avoid the Scripture…”

In this verse, Jahaziel proudly asserts his identity as a London-born artist who passionately expresses his faith through music. He emphasizes the power and significance of God’s word, emphasizing that it cannot be ignored or avoided. Jahaziel acknowledges the authority and impact of the Scriptures on his life, comparing it to a boa constrictor gripping tightly.

The lyrics further highlight the struggles of staying faithful and connected to God’s teachings. Jahaziel expresses gratitude for the love of Christ, acknowledging that he can only walk in a straight line with God’s guidance. This verse emphasizes the transformative power of faith in Jahaziel’s life.

Verse 2: The Truth and Seeking Help

“I got that power in my mouth / getting rid of doubt with or without your support listen I’m a spit it out / sometimes the truth’s more bitter than Guinness stout but I can’t find nothing that’s better to spit about…”

In this verse, Jahaziel confidently proclaims the power of his words in spreading positivity and faith. He recognizes that speaking the truth may not always be easy, as it can be bitter and challenging. However, he finds it essential to convey these messages of truth and hope through his music.

Jahaziel acknowledges his reliance on God’s strength while the world focuses on material wealth. He finds comfort in turning to the Messiah for help, contrasting his aspirations with the flames of hell. This verse highlights the importance of seeking support and guidance from a higher power during times of crisis.

Verse 3: Redemption and Faith

“You’re listening to a former coward till the Lord brought me out now the boy’s empowered and I got a strong Tower / no longer devoured by devils I’m stronger than sin / confident ’cause I walk with a conquering King…”

In the final verse, Jahaziel reflects on his transformation from a weak and fearful person to someone empowered by God’s love and grace. He no longer succumbs to the temptations of the devil and finds strength in his faith. Jahaziel embraces his identity as a believer and confidently walks alongside a conquering King, referring to Jesus.

The lyrics emphasize the need to seek the Messiah and turn away from evil desires. Jahaziel reminds listeners of the redemptive power of salvation and the resurrection of Christ. He highlights that through faith and leaning on God’s strength, believers can achieve great things and become leaders in their own right.


“Power” by Jahaziel carries a profound message that resonates with believers and non-believers alike. The song explores themes of faith, redemption, and the transformative power of God’s love. Jahaziel’s lyrics remind us of the importance of seeking truth, relying on God’s strength, and living a life filled with purpose.

Through his personal experiences and heartfelt expressions, Jahaziel encourages listeners to embrace their faith, overcome their fears, and shine their light in a world that often feels dark. “Power” serves as a reminder of the strength and courage we possess when we trust in God’s power to guide us.

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