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The Meaning Behind The Song: Policeman by Jamal (POL)

The Meaning Behind The Song: Policeman by Jamal (POL)


When it comes to songs that convey powerful messages, Jamal’s “Policeman” is an exceptional example. As a fan of both rap and reggae, I was instantly drawn to this captivating track. Its thought-provoking lyrics and infectious rhythm make it impossible to ignore. Through this article, I aim to delve deeper into the meaning behind this song.

Lyrics Analysis

The song begins with a catchy refrain sung by Miodu, questioning why the policeman is searching him. He asserts his right to carry what he wants and emphasizes the importance of personal freedom. This refrain sets the tone for the rest of the song and serves as a reminder that individuals should have the liberty to express themselves.

Miodu’s first verse highlights the desire for freedom and the constant interference faced by individuals. He speaks about dreams that exist and have already been here, emphasizing that true freedom comes from within and not from external sources. This verse serves as a reminder that everyone has the power to overcome obstacles and be the masters of their own destiny.

The second verse, performed by Jambojet, echoes the same sentiment of wanting to be free. He mentions the choice between being free or being mentally confined by blind faith. This verse sheds light on the struggles faced by many individuals who are torn between societal expectations and their innate desire for personal freedom. The lyrics convey a sense of empowerment and encourage listeners to embrace their independence.

Miodu’s second verse reinforces the message of the previous verses, emphasizing that the song is a combination of words and music that can provide solace and comfort. He encourages individuals to cherish their freedom and reclaim what has been taken away from them. The verse serves as a reminder that freedom is a personal possession and should be cherished by all.

The final verse performed by Kotzi brilliantly captures the essence of the song. It discusses the perspective of a new generation emerging from concrete cities, where they experience societal pressures and find solace in music. Kotzi emphasizes the importance of individuality and encourages listeners to be true to themselves. The verse underscores the role of music as a bridge, connecting people from different backgrounds and helping them break free from societal norms.

The track concludes with a powerful refrain once again, reinforcing the central theme of personal freedom and empowerment.

Personal Connection

Personally, “Policeman” resonates deeply with me. It reflects the struggles many individuals face in societies that sometimes suppress freedom of expression. The song reminds me of the power of music to unite people and inspire change. It encourages me to stand up for my beliefs and embrace my individuality.

Growing up, I was always drawn to songs that conveyed a powerful message. “Policeman” holds a special place in my heart as it beautifully combines meaningful lyrics with an infectious melody. It serves as a reminder that we should always fight for our personal freedoms and never shy away from expressing our true selves.


Jamal’s “Policeman” is a powerful musical masterpiece that captures the essence of personal freedom and individuality. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their true selves, reclaim their rights, and stand up against societal pressures. Through its powerful message and catchy rhythm, the song serves as a reminder of the importance of personal liberty and the role of music in inspiring change.

As you listen to “Policeman,” let the lyrics resonate with you and remind you of the power of personal freedom. Embrace your individuality and never be afraid to express yourself.

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