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The Meaning Behind The Song: Point It Out by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

The Meaning Behind The Song: Point It Out by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles


As a DJ, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore and discover countless songs and artists that have moved my soul. However, there are certain tracks that hold a special place in my heart. One such song is “Point It Out” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house one evening, and from the very first notes, I was captivated by its beauty and depth.

Lyrics and Emotional Resonance

The lyrics of “Point It Out” discuss an unwavering and unconditional love. It’s a song that beautifully articulates the intensity and devotion one feels towards someone they cherish. The chorus repeats the plea to “point it out” – asking for reassurance that the love shared is genuine and true.

In the first verse, Smokey Robinson sings about the growing intensity of his love for someone. It’s a declaration of his unwavering affection, reaffirming his commitment to love this person more each passing day. The verse also hints at the potential obstacles and doubts that may arise, but despite them, Smokey shares his unshakeable love. It’s a sentiment many of us can relate to – the overwhelming feeling of loving someone despite any reasons that may discourage us.

The second verse metaphorically illustrates love as a hallway with numerous doors. Smokey wonders which door he went through that led him to this special person, and expresses a desire to never return to where he once was. This verse portrays the desire to stay in the love that has been found, embracing it fully and aiming to leave a previous life behind.

The third verse unveils the magic and promise that love holds. It speaks of a secret place known only to lovers, where happiness and success are guaranteed. Smokey longs to take his beloved to this place, emphasizing that all they need is love to thrive. It’s a nod to the transformative power that love can have in our lives and relationships.

Album and Credits

“Point It Out” is featured on the album “A Pocket Full of Miracles,” released in 1970. The album showcases the soulful and smooth sound that The Miracles were known for, and “Point It Out” beautifully represents the sentiments conveyed throughout the record.

The songwriting credits go to Marv Tarplin, Al Cleveland, and Smokey Robinson, three talented individuals who crafted lyrics that resonated deeply with audiences. Additionally, the arrangement was handled by Wade Marcus and Paul Riser, who created a captivating musical backdrop for Smokey Robinson’s vocals.


“Point It Out” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles is a timeless piece that encapsulates the essence of love. Its lyrics dive deep into the vulnerability, devotion, and desire that can define a romantic connection. This song serves not only as a testament to the remarkable talent of Smokey Robinson and his band but also as a reminder of the power of love and the importance of cherishing and nurturing our relationships. So next time this song plays, let its lyrics remind you to appreciate the love you have in your own life and treasure the magic that it brings.

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