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The Meaning Behind The Song: Please Believe Me (demo) by Margo Guryan

The Meaning Behind The Song: Please Believe Me (demo) by Margo Guryan

I am listening to this song by Margo Guryan as I sit down to work, and it never fails to captivate me with its heartfelt lyrics and melodic tunes. “Please Believe Me (demo)” is a beautiful song that delves into the intricacies of trust, misunderstandings, and the lengths one goes to prove their love.

Unveiling the Lyrics

The chorus of the song begins with the plea, “Please believe me, I didn’t know. Her huggin’ and kissin’ me would hurt you so.” The singer is expressing remorse for unintentionally causing pain to their loved one. They yearn for understanding, emphasizing that their intentions were never malicious.

In the first and second verses, the singer explains that they failed to clarify the situation initially, leading their loved one to believe the worst. In an attempt to dispel the rumors, they sent friends to testify that the other person involved was just a cousin named Sue. However, this plan backfired when it was revealed that Cousin Sue was actually quite elderly.

The third verse revolves around the malicious rumors that further fueled distrust. The singer clarifies that there is no evidence in the form of letters as claimed, as Cousin Sue is unable to write. These innuendos slowly twisted the truth, causing their loved one to doubt their faithfulness.

The final verse addresses the betrayal experienced when their loved one sought confirmation of their infidelity at the Watergate Hotel. The singer passionately swears that they never touched the other person and that it was a misunderstanding. They emphasize that their love is unwavering and that they are willing to fight to prove it.

Interpreting the Song

“Please Believe Me (demo)” highlights the importance of trust and effective communication in relationships. It showcases the pain and confusion that can arise from misunderstandings and false accusations. The singer’s desperate plea to be believed reflects a deep desire for their loved one to understand their innocence and sincerity.

The song also emphasizes the lengths to which one can go for love. Despite facing rumors and doubt, the singer remains steadfast in their commitment and devotion. They express their willingness to take care of their loved one, regardless of their acceptance or resistance.

About the Artist

Margo Guryan, a talented singer-songwriter, released the demo version of “Please Believe Me” in 2001 as part of her album titled “27 Demos.” She effortlessly blends pop and singer-songwriter elements to create a melodic and introspective sound. Guryan’s unique voice and heartfelt lyrics enable listeners to connect deeply with her music.

Produced by David Rosner and penned by Margo Guryan herself, “Please Believe Me (demo)” showcases her songwriting prowess and genuine emotions. The release date of this beautiful song allows us to appreciate its timeless quality and its ability to resonate with audiences years after its creation.

Whether you find solace in the captivating melodies or relate to the song’s message, “Please Believe Me (demo)” leaves a profound impact on its listeners. Margo Guryan’s talent as a singer-songwriter shines through the heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery, solidifying this track as a gem within the realm of pop and singer-songwriter genres.

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